GET your spiritguide to talk to you via SPOTIFY

Ok, so you’ve read the Secret and am familiar enough with quantum physics that you’re sort of convinced that law of attraction might be true. You’re also kinda aware that you exist on higher planes of existences and can somehow find ways to access that inner guidance. 

Then wowee, you know what you need? practice.

Proof in the pudding.

Something small, like willing the next song on spotify.


wait what?

Music is healing. Music is also one of the few times we spontaneously trance out without being even taught how to. SO. Ofcourse they talk to you through shuffle, they talk to me through that all the time.



STEP 1: Take out your spotify app

STEP 2: Set it to shuffle

STEP 3: Empty your mind/ enter into a trance / get into dat zone. oh you know it, go git it. pick a really nice song you’re in the mood with and make a music video in your head as multi-sensory as you can get it to be. As if you’re going on a vision journey, cause you are.

STEP 4: As the song wraps up – say “that was so cool,you know what would be cooler??” and imagine the most awesome next direction/ genre/ mood spotify shuffle could take you to.

STEP 5: Appreciate the best parts of the next song they give you, and go back to step 4 again

STEP6: Wash, rinse repeat and get on that spontaneous joyride that is SPOTIFY SHUFFLE when you’re in flow.


My own experience:

Ok I swear this is so true to the very fabric of my bones, I used to hate shuffle. I’m a dancer and sometimes you just can’t figure out the right song that would move you and you’re a bumbling mess, and you’ve just been scanning that list for 20 minutes with absolutely getting ZERO shit done.

But let me tell you. when I’ve gotten a hang of coming into my body/ becoming more aware when I did freestyle dancing sessions. I’d just know what song I need to listen to right now! Also at the rare times I did use shuffle just to look back at my older songs, I noticed that I had zero stress about the song choices? wait huh how. did you know.

THAT I WANTED TO LISTEN TO andy gramar’s fresh eyes and immediately play it?? One, fine it kinda creeps you out but. two. be fair, KINILIG AKO HAHAHA (it would make you GUSH.) They really listen to us don’t they? Or at least I was just randomly talking to my guides that time.

Also on other times, I’d be quite royally pissed or full on emo mode, and song lyrics would jump out at me from shuffle. Or a song would take on a different meaning cause I was imagining a music video to go along with it, and an image would keep staying and I’m like okay okay, you’re definitely trying to say something.

I would run down a few guesses and what would feel right , in your whole body is your best bet. Sometimes my heart just does a little jump or I’ll feel these etheric drops and then, well. A good personal example of this is Lay it all on me (feat. big sean, vic mensa, ed sheeran) by rudimental.

Tell me your song-messages experiences and how spotify shuffle works out for you

i love yoU!! 😉


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