CONSCIOUS EATING – hack your weight loss, body image and diet regimen with a big dose of motherfaddin looooove

soooo. you just binge read some self-care posts about hydrating, thinking about going on a detox cleanse and pondering on the fact that maybe being vegetarian might be more spiritual – or maybe JUST MAYBE. you could go gluten-free

so how the hell do you start?

ok baby, listen to me I’ve been there. Trust me, my brother is a health-buff, and is the picture book paleo gym evangelist , and i literally went through all of the above plus more and I can tell you from experience, just like any damn question: the answer is LOVE.

say what?


Cause love accepts you in all shapes, forms, shapes and methods, and this be the only truth. That there’s enough space for everybody’s truth. You think tiny caloric intakes’ the solution to a healthier bod?

well sexy-ass micheal phelps here:


eat’s 10,000 calories on recovery day.


that 40 day juice cleanse with that expensive juicer?


can rob you of fiber, and spike your sugar.



Drink more water??




tumblr_ofqwm0QIQk1qza1qzo1_500.gif giphy (3).gif


See how each side has their own merits? See how demanding on your life’s circumstances, needs, stress levels, economic viability and cultural expectations, all of you are going to toggle towards all sorts of different directions and that’s okay? The key here is to be self-aware of your own body, your own needs, what works for you, and your own mental drama with your relationship with food. meditate on it.

And then you’re your own best advisor to know where to go from there.


But maālia, how do I hear this smart-ass inner advisor you speak of?

well you empty your mind, and if you’re eating habits have been crazy, keep your stomach slightly fasted. and then – after meditating into your body like watching still water – mindfully eat the food, drink your food, chew your water. then watch your body react to it.

listen to your body tell you “i don’t need that” , “that’s too sweet”, oh that’s so bloody nourishing, why thankyou

giphy (4).gif

Some yogic cultures actually encourage meditating on this sensation the very act of your stomach being replenished with food. Not overstuffed! just appreciating the replenishment of fuel to your inner fire.

In traditional chinese medicine, qualities of food (hotness, wetness, sourness etc.) are actually parallel to the qualities of energies circulating in your body (earth energy, wood energy etc.) and your body would actually tell you , specifically what it needs to eat by wanting to eat it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.14.17 PM.png

oh what, you thought you needed a meal plan? you think that meal plan knows your body better than your cells do ??hmmm ? no sweetie. you’d be impressed with how good our regulation systems are, and you just need to learn how to LISTEN.



Last tip:

I want you to experience and realize this for yourself cause it’s way more fun than reading it okay? try eating when you’re super MAD, liek jsut make yourself upset with 10,000 things that are royally wrong with this world, and eat your super healthy insta worthy meal. then the next day same time, think of the 3 of the happiest memories in your life, liek jsut sit and bask in those thoughts and then eat shitass junkfood right after. what lingers?

Which one made your tummy better, satisfied, energized to live in this world?

giphy (5).gif tenor (1).gif


NOW Do you get what buddha means when he said you be drinking poison when you bein a hater?? and NOW do you get why all these hippies be praying , and stroking and blessing their food before they eat it?

it’s a lifehack cause it works with LIFE.

and this awareness, is the only thing you need to come to what’s true for your physical well-being.

I admit, You will slightly look insane at first. But your body will thank you for it.


I love you darling,


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