9 WOKE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS that aren’t openly occult AF


1. the alchemist by paolo coelho

Ok you know it the first time you read this you were just like this is magic but also I don’t get it??? The language is so veiled you’ll have to check out this (separate post) to read between the lines. to the uninitiated it’s a great self-help book, but it’s a great way to get some of the initial ideas in there. 


2. chick? poetry buff? rumi’s book of love

This was reportedly famous in the 60s hippies era, I wasn’t alive then to be able to attest to that, but as someone who has spends a lot of time on poetryfoundation.org and lowkey loves the sounds the words make in your mouth and in your head – rumi’s poetry (especially this translation) is not only musical but rife with sufi – mystical islamic concepts. As i’ve researched more on mystical knowledge i keep realizing some dannnnk stuff hidden in parts of rumi’s poems. great gift, great read.


three diff.jpg

3. essential oil freshener + candles + incense (aka extra level self care)

The olfactory senses are the last to go when you do a sensory deprivation chamber, in hypnosis it’s one of the strongest hooks to reprogram your mind. This is why in a lot of rituals (egyptian, christian, taosit whatnot) the use of scents via oils incense and candles are one of the best tools there, and are used in all these wellness spas to have a positive association with relaxation. gift these, for that lowkey witch in everybody.

bonus: bath salts. 5 star hotel level, bath salts.



4. superfoods, vco, apple cider vinegar (body boosts!)

You know how in Christmas, the safest gifts are always food, since everybody just has to eat? We give fruit cakes and pies and holiday foods, but what about something that improves lifestyle ? Especially if you’re gifting seniors who are into longevity I’d recommend upgrading your typical vitamin c to camu camu, and (if you think they’re the explorative we juice sometimes type– maca powder). Extra virgin coconut oil is also one of those not so secret gems of tropical philippines that would up the quality of their cooking fats, and apple cider vinegar is one of those rare things I blanket recommend for everyone to try

refer to this paul chek vid: for the lowdown on apple cider. He’s this holistic health practitioner who’s also a shaman

and here’s that really famous JP sears vid on coconot oil ( and did you know? he studied under paul chek too!)



5. spotify giftcard (yo im not a sponsor but legit. fam. listen just do it.)

Spotify is one of those modern day miracles, like the internet, where the people of old would reminisce of a time when they had to buy songs individually and have difficulty finding artists in a different language, and this is one of those apps everybody just has, and everybody lowkey does a meditative vision journey with without knowing it. So especially if you know the kid has the app, or the friend loves music to death, this is an amazing gift they will remember you by.

check my spotify article: GET your spiritguide to talk to you via SPOTIFY



6. adult coloring book and coloring set

They’ve already tauted how therapeutic coloring is as part of their marketing. (and here’s a paul chek vid about an expressive arts therapy you could try yourself) but I guess I’m here to reiterate that the average adult doesn’t have an excuse to make art anymore, and make something to express themselves and nothing else. If you’ve got frustrated artist friends and relatives, even grandmas > check out these coloring books that are super classy but unleashes everyones inner child: this, this and this


7. alkaline water / lemons

ok water is something you drink all the time. But not all water is the same, again a paul chek article to explain this further, but improving the water in someone else’s life via a cool gift- would take a bit of education to be appreciated but would get a long way. If this is already the type of healthy living people who would slice lemons to put in water , then just give them a box of lemons. If they’re the type with a dispenser and you’ve got some money (I mean if you’re giving them to your in laws or something) just get them a Kangen Machine (or equivalent ionizer) and let the phamphlets do the talking.




ok this is going to require that people you give this to actually have the capacity to take care of the little adorable leaf friends. But if they already have an existing garden, have expressed their interest in succulents via instagram (or other social media) , or are great cooks who use herbs anyway – this is a great gift. Plants are high vibrational beings, and the mere coexistence of it in a room will remind your body what’s it like to sit like a life that is at peace.

good low maintencae plants are fortune plant (also bring good luck in chinese cultures!) , and succulents (cactuses and whatnot – but these guys prefer the sun outside)

and good tropical friendly starter herbs are pandan and tarragon

if you yourself don’t know your local plant provider then consider this a gift to yourself for you to find out. 🙂




9.  the best: let the damn universe tell you

What this person has yearned for and you have the greatest capacity to give. my dad one time: I just told him you’re appreciated in the work you do, and yeah it threw him out of context but I can see in his eyes how much he really needed to hear it that day. and you best know your family and friends – put some thought into gift giving – not cause you expect something back, but because of the enjoyment in the action – it’s a love language. and that extra thought you put into it signifies a heightened awareness that oh, you are a miraculous being and I want to honor you by helping the universe send you all that you desire

Hope you had ideas for the holidays

Love, Maālia


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