An open letter to my twinflame (kung nasan ka man)

I’ll be quick about this. I got a reading that sent chills water and pokes all up and down my spine around my birhtday this year , 2016. And in some odd turn of events, this trusted reader friend of mine said a thing-

you have eight incarnate twin flames.

and I’m like oh, is that why I get an etheric hugs all the time ? and why I’m such a sucker for partner dance, and why I got my wretched heart opening – to the song mirrors by justin timberlake visualizing this short of ecstatic hug ? maybe it’s the last two divisions of my monad ?

I was quite literally, rolling on the floor from the electricity running all over my body and up and down my chest. And I’m really thankful for all the help you send me, and this surety you give me that I am loved.

but I want to see you.

I hear this song “balay ni mayang’. A bisaya acoustic love song, of mayang (bisaya equivalent of my day to day name – maria) calling her lover to come home. And right at the bridge when it’s the male duet singing that he is coming home now – I get droplets on my head. And I wanted to cry, cause I knew to my core – you existed and you were coming at me.

We’re just not prepared yet are we?

Also 6 of you are men and 2 are women and I guess my soul is Bi. Or some twin flames aren’t exactly meant as romantic interests but catalysts for our insane growth.

In a follow up reading, where I focused on unblocking by thoughts to abundance -I asked about you. And the reader’s tarot app failed to open, and she dropped her pendulum. the message is – you don’t have to worry about that right now, it will come in the right time.

I don’t even know if i want to believe in you?

Isn’t this just an overly romanticized version of soulmate ? And eight ? really is that possible? I’ve read journey of souls and listened to yoga references, this twin flame thing sounds like a modern marketing for some new age dummies .

but you bring me great comfort

my birth cards are the lovers and the devil. I think I’ve met at least three of you in my dream journeys. One of you works with forrests, deeply connected with tree and is currently in a relationship. Another one is like an island, shy, but always comes with the ocean.

I supposedly have a new spirit guide, and in my inner eye he’s tall. I don’t know if it’s a flame, but his hugs are engulfing, the places he introduces to me in dreams are marvelous, beyond my imagination. I wonder if you’re incarnate.

i wonder how we’ll meet.


your soul is welcome here

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