how partner dance is a way to awakening

I’m teaching a partner dance, kizomba this thursday(TODAY!) and it’s everything I hope for. I’ll actually be teaching something I’m very passionate about, and competent in to locally famous hiphop dance teachers here in the Philippines. But what I’m trying to communicate here is beyond form, and in the simplest language. this.

I hope my student’s soul self here this.

as a follower in a partner dance, you want to set him free.

Life is easier if you have people helping one another, so dancing with a partner is not harder. it’s supposed to make it easier. You’re supposed to make each other better dancing together. The best compliment you can give a guy, is you make her look and feel amazing. While for a girl, you make him feel like he is suddenly more than he was before, and together you can pull off anything. 

So don’t the guy just does everything ang your just following NOnononononononono, being a good lister is literally the other half of a partner dancing dynamic, you enable him to dance the way he wants to dance with a girl, you set him free.

So for today kuya melo is going to teach the guy how to lead and my challenge for you is to mirror him. Where is his center of gravity ? What’s his quality of movement? mirror it, copy it while he’s learning to be hypersensitive to how your body reacts to his leads. Be 0.25 seconds late, in each motion. Let him lead.

I know this is a different psyche from other dances, but if you get this right, you’ll be able to do freestyle, express yourself that won’t impede on his lead but instead INSPIRE him. Guys will line up to dance wit you. Kasi (cause) you only don’t look amazing, they feel like they can dance and be anything, pag kasayaw mo sila, get it ? (if you dance with them).

Connection, listening and leading is one of the best and essential parts of partner dancing and getting this right would be a gold mine for begginers. One of the most under appreciated parts of this is to be able to spontaneously freestyle, collaborate, with another artist. For people to both lose themselves, and dissolve into a singular dance, until you don’t know who’s leading or following anymore, youy almost have a telepathic connection.. A bodily understanding.

I know this is a long explanation, but for the girl this is mind games. The capacity to listen.

please be open to this for the rest of the practice


your soul is welcome here

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