cool sleep+meditation prompts

you know those really popular ASMR vids, those lowkey roleplaying relaxation prompts that just makes you relaxed and release better.


so nice.


ahhh man. self-hypnosis is definitely one of those bucketlist things to learn and it’s really just progressive relaxation to better reprogram your subconscious. DO THE SNAPPY THING. then count to 10! For each number imagine your relaxation multiplying, feel your body break a new ceiling of experience of calm and comfort.


here are my faves:

1.  Imagine sleeping on the lap of an angel. a divine guide, the perfect love. lift your head ever so slightly and know , and viscerally feel that pillow receive you the way your god would receive you and bask in that warmth and embrace. sink deeper and deeper and fall asleep

2. Get that body pillow, and embrace like you’ve never had before. exercise that capacity to connect and express love in full abandon, feel what it’s like to be in joy and safety for no good reason except that you fully trusting that it exists. you go insane in concerts and sports events. make any day a good reason to celebrate and love with no attachement. hug that damn pillow, practice that act of love ,the way you practiced kissing as a teenager.

3. Sitting in peace. you don’t know how to meditate? you don’t know how to feel calm and sitting in your power ? Can you imagine someone who does though ? like buddha under a banyan tree, maybe some powerful sacred falls ? Then do that. Role-play, shed yourself and just imagine what it’s like to be in that person and initiated, praying, dancing in the ritual, in that space. do it with the full force of your awareness and being, and eventually you’ll fall into a portal and land there. and you will receive. it’s possible, dream it to be real and discover your places of power.


When you can access these states automatically I invite you to invoke this while climbing a mountain or being stuck in traffic. It will be truly magical. Return to Rumi’s poetry and journey into his images, it will be a blessing upon blessing, I am so excited FOR YOU!!! HAHAHAHAA hint: evocative dream images, try to parse those out too 😉


Til next time sweetheart,


your soul is welcome here

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