#suddenlypsychic so #TMI!!!

I don’t usually want to use the term “psychic” since it comes with a lot of baggage, but I read auras so quickly and automatically now.. That they’re no longer educated guesses but are visceral as the senses on my body – and boy, the truth isn’t always so pretty. READ ON IF YOU CAN RELATE.


EXHIBIT A:   I suddenly know our company leader, is a dirty old man. I don’t trust him ALONE with women, and I will always have a shade of doubt on his ‘artistic’ choices.

EXHIBIT B:    I have a good guess one my older cousins is cheating on his wife. I’m also the ninang/godmother of his child and I don’t want to call anything out, but I feel his sense of misery.

EXHIBIT C:   Another marriage on the rocks, things won’t resolve quickly.


Now what doesn’t bother me is that these things particularly exist. I know that situations can have different circumstances and stories, but what grates me is that THEY’RE LYING. And I know something, and I am not in a position to say or actively do anything about it and i end up going (????). I like people who lash out with their stress and poison more- cause at least you can witness it properly, and they can air it out.

I didn’t need to know that!! #TMI. #GOODJEEZ…. BUT ALSO! I trust spirit to inform me things that I need to know, and though i wouldn’t understand it now, seeing other people’s life experiences as truthfully as possible would keep me safe, and help me learn from other people’s mistakes and their joys. As much as I’ve unearthed people’s poison, i can also tune to people’s joy.


1 my brother buying a nintendo switch had him literally as a glowing ball of waterlight, a childish abandon HE WAS SO EXCITED. and I’m like: i incarnated in this life to teach you how to be carefree, and I’m doing my job right, you’re aura is so nice why cant you always be this way

2 people who are simple and who’s baseline is generally so high?? and HAPPY ?? One of our company members is a bum, fat and tiny but i tell you – one of the best , most EFFORTLESS auras I’ve seen. I remember one time i haven’t seen her in a while and when i just saw her I was just like – how do you do that !>>!!?

3 i see couples who naturally compliment each other…


So how to handle this ??

STEP 1: see this as a nice reminder that we are all connected, and we are all one.

STEP 2: trust that the universe is handling other people’s situation PERFECTLY. and you don’t need to do anything. Just sit in as much conscious awareness as possible, and you’re already affecting the vibrational forcefield to balance things faster.

STEP 3: DO A THING, only if moved by highest awareness. don’t do anything risky or ego driven, especially with this kind of information. not smart, also won’t match.


This is a relatively new process for me, but THIS, is what works for me. The intuitives of the older generation have their own language surrounding this, but this is the jumpoff point that HELPS ME. not the ‘protection language’ or the ‘poor me’ I’m a ‘highly sensitive person’ mindset.

I’ll update these as field notes when I gain better knowing on this, but feel free to vent in the comments or try this


See yah love,





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