dear UN HABITAT, this is what is systematically wrong with grants and NGOs

Your love and energy exchange comes with strings attached. Our focus becomes divided to pleasing you, reporting to you , achieving outcomes YOU want and are looking for. We’re busy translating our tongues, marketing ourselves like a bad instagram profile. 


at what cost ?

transforming hearts

empowering people

meeting people at where they are at and not the suffering you imagine them to be in.


You fund tools without basic translation, we’re slapped with lofty goals and huge budgets with expected wide scaled administration and business plans and we’re like (?????)

———- (they know we’re an NGO right?? we’re a ragtag bunch of insane people working with the homeless  to have secure land tenure, and um. we’re supposed to make an official document about house security ? so your donors won’t LITIGATE you ????? um our time is better devoted to the poor – wahtttt are you making us dooOOOOO))






I’m an intern in a developing country , and even if you have money, I still have my dignity and my brains. I’m very much for movements like say, Universal Basic Income, which conduct help with zero strings attached, for the poor themselves to dictate what. they. actually. need. and have them go about it to the best of their context and ability. and if you didn’t ask us to report so much, we can actually focus on doing our services better , or even better – ask us what help we want and meet us half-way.

I’m in an NGO, and I oddly feel like a beggar. Then again there are people who would abuse systems of dole outs so I understand all these safety checks. BUT UN HABITAT, BABE. this is why magical people like Toni Ruttiman don’t want to partner with you, and why people mistrust big institutions. all the layers of beurarcracy is so many layers apart from people on the ground and the emotional, and temporal aspect that you just can’t hose down with money.


thats just my perspective.


thanks love,


your soul is welcome here

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