consumption culture vs creator culture 6 IDEAS!

We live in the day of instantaneous information.

We’re constantly swimming in it, or more like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. 

If there’s a term of information diet, consumption culture, then we all got information indigestion. Here’s 10 ideas that help to DIGEST all those information and help you get mental , spiritual, and over-all well being


1. For every book you read or series you suddenly marathoned. write a paper like  you were back in highschool

5 page, single spaced , TNR, 12. OK NO I’m kidding. But for real, talking in depth and lengthily and AMBITIOUSLY on things you genuinely appreciate is an enjoyable task. It won’t feel like those assignments. If anything you’ll be hammering out your thoughts, distilling your reactions and experience into art or rampaged rant form. And! can even make you famous online. Regardless of your writing chops, the process would be a satisfying, active process for you to digest your recent experience.

2. journaling, and/or letter to future or past self

If you haven’t journaled in a while, try writing with paper and pen and give yourself a goal of filling 5 pages. The pace and the length will force you to dive deep into your thoughts with no ‘filler’ or small talk. If you need a prompt, write to your future or past self or WHAT YOUR EULOGY would look like. The larger perspective would help you dig into what is truly important to process in your life.

3. spring clean your computer OR REORGANIZE ALL FILES.

We’ve all heard the benefits of zen and annually cleaning out your house. It feels like a reset button, and lets you let go of things you need to move on from. Living most of our lives digitally, though we don’t physically feel it, clutter can also fester and be a weight in our computers and phones. i DARE you to make it feel like new, to distill it to it’s most essential memories and features. you’ll feel like you got a new laptop.

4. social media detox , or even, INTERNET-WIFI DETOX.

this is like some new age vippasana, with how much of our lives in entrenched with constant info and consumption. Which means this is extra fun. Just don’t eat anything for 40 days, and see how your energies will instantly refocus to what you actually want to know, what to say, what you’re really looking for. create it as intensely in your mind and have the most intense internet experience when you are reborn into the world.

5. make art and/or culture

try making a draw your life video, follow a craft video. try making a meme! for every hour of culture you consume, try to reply with it with 5 hours of your own. see yourself synergise your different interests and sit as an author of it. gain the depth of knowledge from actual experience that surrounds the thing. Read about how-tos and experience how the elements come together, and come out as a better connoisseur.

6. figure out/remember your own unique process 😉

start right now! you have the best authority to your own thoughts, personality and brain cells. what do you want to do? how do you think you can help yourself? what’s stopping you from doing it RIGHT NOW??????


Comment how this all goes for you guys, loveee







your soul is welcome here

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