10 WOKE EDUCATION MOVEMENTS n how to apply in your own yearnin for learnin

This will be brief because I’ll be practicing what I preach and be will be TRUSTING YOU to read and understand between these marvelous gems of thought-things:


1 the “teacher” asks: how does it feel ? what do you think about how you did? 

This validates students about their struggles and allows open communication and trust to develop with the teacher. This also frames the student to have independence, and an ear to their own inner guidance with improving their own leaning experience.

for you: ask yourself how a doper version of you thinks about it.


2 ask: “what do you want to happen? who do you think can help you do that?”

Ask leading open ended questions. don’t feed information without them seeing the connection. Encourage them to be clear with the results that they want, and acknowledge their own competencies and competencies of others. encourage collaboration, and mutual respect to people with skill.

for you: clarify what you want. admit if you need help, the go get it.


3 self-lead topics = freedom

when discussing a topic, allow students to explore as far as wide and as deep as possible. Let them consult, and pitch their ideas with you and encourage them to go wild and IMPART their learning. My science teacher did this in high school and i taught myself video editing and flower anatomy for our science week for our mini-TED talk series. I still love flowers.

exhibit 2: a good asian history professor can’t cover the full width of traditional chinese medicine, but his student who wants to be a doctor wants to – he should encourage her with full force.

for you: if you’re in school, propose a project to your teacher. if you work, propose a side-project to your boss. If neither, then you have no excuse to not do it.


4 grow old with trusted teachers

My dance coach has known me for years, she watched me go through puberty and knows my ticks, my particular learning methods, my assets, my weaknesses. We trust and love each other genuinely, and have varied life experiences that continue to help ourselves out. Teachers shuffle too often (per year!! with too many students!!) for them to have a connection like that which is an utter shame.

for you: treat your teachers like humans. if you genuinely admire a person, think about keeping in touch for the long haul


5 montessori

multi-disciplinary for days,.


6 the outdoors is your classroom

stand up and do a walking meeting. make a treasure hunt in the forrest ? too much effort ? ask your students to make it with you and have to approve their game mechanics and questions. Make them reenact molecules or trojan war. embody that learning.

for you: Keep moving !!! HAnD gesture through that frustration , argue with trees and the wind, they’ll whisper you answers.


7 have impact outside of learning setting

for example: basic html class requires you to make a site. The creative students made new graphics and comics. Publish a modified version of the site on a platform that would host their works online. This will put purpose in their work and give them pride for them contributing to larger society.

for you: never do it for just a submission/ a graduation. do it to exorcise your demons, for a writing competition, as an elaborate wedding proposal – ground it emotionally and to others and you’ll gain wings.


8 have more that one right answer

there’s no one right answer, it’s not printed at the back of the book. more than rote information instill creative, critical and collaborative thinking. even with math problems, try to ground it into a real tangible problem. For example: make them compare grocery items and budget a hypothetical meal plan for a week.

for you: if you’re fixated with one answer, force yourself to write 100 other ways to get to it.


9 get smart students to teach or lead

teachers often complain about having trouble adjusting to the different learning rates in the class. this is understandable. instill a sense of mutual support amongst your students, instead of pitting them one against another. friendly competition is great- but what’s even more interesting is when students are invested in each other’s success. Incentivize a whole class to pass with a pizza or something. Not just the person with the highest score. You’ll be surprised with how spontaneously group reviews will flourish.

for you: identify your strongest competition and find leverage where you can work together and actually, become the friends that you already are.


10 less stress is da best

optimize the mood by just 1% a day and you’ll have completely transformed in less than a year. the classroom needs mood music ? maybe we can have more casual work clothes ? less hours but with the same output (can even be better with that free time?) YOU BET.

for you: the state you do all this learning in, is more impactful in the firmament than the actual fruits of you learnin. Trust me, have fun, and the learning will multiply effortlessly.


have any other ideas, let me know in the comments 🙂

love yah,



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