how to spontaneously OBE, and process karma faster in your sleep


(yes even those pretty orgonites that just clean the air of negative ions)


If a seeker is ready, and brave enough to cut through your own bullshit, and slay your own worse demons – you will come out of this stronger, better, shinier and with your own personal war story of splitting yourself apart and putting yourself back together.


My best friend tried this for a night, and some of his most repressed memories and he just didn’t want TO DEAL. AND THAT’S OKAY. You can back out anytime, you can have whatever intentions you like. You can do this as a seriously or casually as possible but I’m slapping a huge warning label here and a NOT MY FAULT CLAUSE, when shit hits the fan and you do not want to heal. You are an independent human bean with free will and agency and you’re fully responsible with reading this, I’m just showing you a possibility. How i did it.

print this


This is the anthakarana symbol, it’s an old taoist meditation symbol. I learned it from an advanced reiki class and it’s basically a rainbow bridge, helps you cross and integrate higher realms and it’s piercing as heck to your own aura. It’s meant to be used while meditating and it’s super intense and supposed to be done wisely.

I was really enthusiastic first time i encountered this and thought! Oh it’s like crystals. I’ve heard people sleeping with crystals. I’ve slept with crystals and it removed my back ache- I wonder if I sleep with this. Isn’t sleep the deepest meditation we could go under. And i also ironically love meditating in my bed. I couldn’t help it. I slept with probably eight of these sheets (2 print outs of the pdf i linked) aligning with my whole body. I even taped one on my headboard right above my crown.

Well fam, you are going to SPONTANEOUSLY OBE WITH THIS. BE SAFEEEE. It won’t work the first night, you’ll probably even have a hard time falling asleep and would probably need to consciously relax, but if you stick to it, you’re dreams will be intense.

There was a point in my experience, where my dreams were long an vivid , trippy and HYPER REAL. I remembered them, i saw different realms, i felt etheric rain drops in waking life and it wouldn’t stop for two months. I felt beyond tired, questioning what is reality ??  I saw angels twice (arch angel raphael is intimidating AF, asking me to align a house to the west, the sky was on fire and one tree angel who was this overwhelming love that I woke up), and once, i saw pestilence, and hordes of women being systematically raped and enslaved. crazy crazy visions


A personal favorite:

i was a fish who was lived all her life in a research facility. The ocean was a myth, and we didn’t really know if we actually came from there. And we worshipped humans who gave us food and took care of us, but i discovered the restaurant and saw humans EATING fish and i was so mad with panic and questioning (i really felt I was the fish) that i flung myself to dry ground.

And a human waiter saw me, but was too shocked that I talked!!! He grabbed a blender, and filled it with water. He couldn’t find any container but I was panicking. He asked his manager what to do with the talking fish. And the manager said to put me in the ocean. The restaurant had a reception of a wedding party.

The waiter dropped me in the beach, it was night time- where I instantly transformed into a person. I was in a white dress shocked i was what we thought were gods- then from the froth of the ocean appeared a man. AND I KNEW HE WAS MY HUSBAND. AND HE WAS LIKE. “LET’S GO HOME.” I found pearl earrings on the banks of the beach and wore them. and was so happy!?! I swam to an island to my family, my real family, i had another husband ? vice ganda was there? a kid… A trusted psychic friend of mine says that was my soul family. what, a dream. i’ve had so much more but that’s the kind of dream downloads you can be getting.


I ENCOURAGE YOU TO MEDITATE ON THEM. SHAMAnic journey with the images you get, and do not get attached with any of the forms. Process your feelings, and talk yourself through the meanings. Don’t panic about death, that just means cutting cords. and bless you when you live out your wildest dreams in these OBES.

That’s your soul trying to process all the karma, all the wishes you put in your vortex that it can’t quite manifest yet to your mortal life. Also you don’t have to understand if you can’t. It’s OK. State your most powerful and highest intentions every time you fall asleep, set up protection grids, ask all your guides to protect you and to teach you and BE HUMBLE about the process.Work on it.


And tell me about it below in the comments cause it will help you process, and I’m curious how people take to the method.

Bless you for your bravery love,



PS I’m not an expert with the Astral Projection and OBE terminology but I think it’s the closest thing to the experience. If you’ve got more ideas tell me about it below!


your soul is welcome here

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