8 spiritual lessons maalia is working on for 2018


1 Abundance

Abundance is a euphism for new age hippie doodas who have too much angst about money. I tell myself and have physical experience of my personal worth but have yet to attract it in the material word. As per bashar, (link) abundance does not necessarily translate into money but is your internal belief that you could do whatever it is you want and prefer to be doing. And well, I prefer to be paid to be nothing less than my weird ass self and be invigorated with the work I do daily MORE. I feel like I’ve been hiding my esoteric secret identity in normal life that I just need to let this out at least in the internet realm…

2 “If you are ready , a teacher will appear”

A part of me wishes there was a curriculum like a handy outline but this more like surfing the waves of an ocean with people just flowing in and out of your life in the perfect time. Apt of my teachers have been this sudden burst of inspiration but then suddenly snatched away so fast I will not feel safe or grounded in a guru and whatnot and #UGH. I know I trust the process and inner guidance, but a physical incarnation to talk to more constantly wouldn’t hurt and one that I would be able to contact without friction from my parents. Where’s gandalf? I mean, but I love my guides and I’m justpreparing preparing preparing

3 spirit family, coven whatever

Even if people around my life aren’t occult AF I have developed a language to communicate them my experience. BUT THANK GOD I HAVEA BEST FRIEND , who sees everything as paranormal and psychic senses that I could unpack my experiences on cause without him I legitimately think I’ll be lost. So #BLess. I see the value in this and if the previous number was about teachers this one is classmates who have experiences relatable to mine where we could collaborate. I mean my constant water aura reading of everything – I haven’t met anyone who physically picks that up all the time ???? Can I find someone ? It doesn’t have to be a ..

4 #specialsomeone #twinflame

I’d be lying if this wasn’t in my list. I’m a romantic, I had a severe heart opening visualizing hugging someone while meditating.. it felt like this: GrhhUGDGFDFFF!!!!!AASSFSF!!!!!!

And I have had CROSS CULTURAL MAD STUDIES OF DIELECTOC OPPOSITES nnnnmn TANTRIC TOUCHING. And fam, I’m clairsentient , the sense of touch is my whole holy grail, I have a whole Tumblr (another link) on hugging. And dream of massages. I need to hold somebody with a dope aura or one that activates mine I don’t understand it but it’s ON THE LIST.

5 “you are the creator of this universe, powerful co-creation”

Ok so I don’t even want to openly admit this, but the yellow navel chakra concerned with will power has to be my weakest. I have a really good crown and third eye chakra – AND BABE, if you feel and see all these gorgeous things you too would also rather hole up in a cave somewhere and pray to them gods. I see it. It’s clogged, I don’t play well with material reality, I’m forgetful when I’m dreamy and I’m nervous when everything is new. I don’t trust myself with myself when I’m outside my sanctum and Comfort Zone (TM) and I would make excuses to not try it out. I need to stoke this inner sun, bask in the warmth of my own sunlight(life).

6 “the middle way” balance

On a related note, if I was an art movement I would be romanticism – rumi’s total abandon and wreckage- resonates with me, I love being drunk on the wine of spirit but even rumi wrote about stepping out of the cavern.

Sir o, one of my earliest spiritual guides told me to still finish school and do ‘your mortal work’ because all this crazy will sort itself out. You know it will, you have an excess of divine trust.-! I have a 9-5 NGO job, yet still. I’m not on the level of devotion where my mortal action is steeped in prayer. I still find my mortal life sort of compartmentalized from my larger being , as if I haven’t found the step down transformers for these divine energies to translate to my hands and physical work.

Except when I dance . . Haaay. This year I work towards balance *claps *claps

7 channeling , while writing …………

8 “not needing to know, go with the flow.”

My higher self has got me covered on all field levels directions dimensions that divine plans is so incomprehensible to mortal me technically all I have to is to Receive.

But you still wanna know right ? Cause you want to worry. I’m capable of doing this when channeling dance. I just see the divine perfection of music that al I do is hollow myself out for the divine to sing through my empty flute. Don’t carry the job that’s meant for the spirit BUT YOU WANT TO ANYWAY, regardless if you’ve had physical experience of universe being a better planner than you

Mortal life still got clocks and calendars and it’s hard to explain progress you only feel in the firmament ???? This is probably linked up to lessons 1,5 and 6 but everything is one and all will be fine bananas.

So that’s it for my New Years resolutions which I send up as birds to the sky!! Tell me about yours in the comments

Have a good one heart,


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