Have you ever tried to avoid an abyss and still find yourself falling in there ?  THE MOST, TERRIBLE, SHITTIEST< MOST FUCKED UP THING,IN YOUR LIMITED EXPERIENCE HAPPEneED AND WELL.

to a highschool student of forever good standing , and parental expectations that would ba failing math when you’re on scholarship.

I got it that fateful day crying my eyes out outside the guidance counselor’s office with both my parent’s not knowing what to do with themselves.

And you know what I learned after that ? That I could still graduate, that I can keep my scholarhip, that I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive. I literally will go home to the same bed and wake up the same time to go to the same school – how many of our fears are like this:

We’re blindfolded imagining the worst when all it really is, is a stuffed animal.

To be honest when I failed math I felt invincible. I had the NUMBER ONE WORST THING (by my book) happen to me and i realized i was fine!!

I was so liberated. I had so much courage. My math grades in my last year of highschool were up cause I didn’t just blast the ceiling – I wasn’t scared of the floor! The Abyss was familiar and i just said – that it? BUT I’M ALIVE. SO I’M FINE! I remember the fearlessness.

And for any time I felt like A Thing Scares Me, I keep coming back to this moment. and thinking what’s the worse that can happen ? I embarass myself in front of new colleagues – and I’m still alive. I forget to talk on stage – wow I’m still alive. I have a car accident – during driver’s lisence exam ??? You are kidding right?

A lot of modern societies fears exists solely on the mind. At least to that degree, find your fearlessness. Realize this.

Have a similiar experience ? Tell me about it below 🙂

thanks heart,


your soul is welcome here

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