water drops out of nowhere — how to understand sensations????? for the beginner clairsentient

Hello you!

So you feel like you received a sign, you experienced something lowkey psychic, medyo crazy and you’re kinda gonna get out of your wits googling “water drops out of nowhere” and not getting a single solid IDEA, WHAT THE HECK THIS COULD ALL MEAN. SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN, SOMEONE CLARIFY ALL THIS JAZZ.

oh okay so hi again.

Let me give you three pieces of advice you can work with in the event that this happens to you, things I just generally go over when people tell me something weird happened to them and they can’t figure it out.

1. What were you doing/thinking right before it happened ?? – a lot of times spirits, guides and higherselves cannot pierce the veil and shout in your ears with absolute unquestionable literal phone call that goes – oh here you go THE ANSWER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR cheers. nope, nuh uh doesn’t work that way.

The benefit of the veil is that you get in touch with your own capacity to learn and create, and you can’t do that when you ask all your guides to do everything for you. So when you get some weird ass sensations and have decided it’s definitely a sign you NEED TO REMEMBER, what you were doing right before, what you were thinking and try to zero in on a thing they’re trying to point out.

If the sensation is good – it could mean “that statement is true” or “yes” or “that’s a good idea” or “that resonates to the very fiber of your being”. water mind you has a lot of positive associations in a lot of cross cultural works: as holy water, blessings, cleansing and can denote as much spirituality as you are currently comfortable associating with. ALSO- we are  in the astrological age of aquarius, and some people have interpreted water sensations as downloads and even physical touches from spirits hands. I’ve had all of the above happen to me in various degrees and circumstances and it’s one of the most comforting signs my cuddly ass has ever encountered. So which one would it mean?

2. Well, what does it mean to you, right off the bat ?

Have you ever developed a secret language with a best friend, codename popsicles , chuchuchara meaning mizpah referring to something IMPORTANT, THIS CRUSH, THAT ONE INCIDENT in that time you remember dadadada? yup ok, so you see how personalized and meaningful all of that only to YOU particularly ?

INTERESTING RIGHT. who’s the sign for?



Just like dream interpretation, sign interpretation, SENSATION interpretation, -personal meanings, and associations will always trump any BOOK or ONLINE REFERENCE or EVEN PSYCHIC. We can give you ideas at best, but that thing, happened to you, in the best most effective way, for you to gain whatever you needed at that point.

You have the answers – the meaning you derive is mega ultra valid and is actually one of the most , if not the most reliable point of explanation. I personally, love the sound of water, believe music is water, and love the flows of life, water being one of the most mystical and spiritual of substances. One of my happiest daydreams is singing in concert in the rain. SO HAVING ETHERIC RAIN HAPPEN TO ME. Do you see how personalized that meaning was ? do you see how you would have unique connotations to elemental signs and you should be honoring that ?



3. How did it make you feel right after? and what’s 1 + 2?

Three, you figure out how the answer to the first two questions combine. Also you observe how you visibly react to everything that has happened thus far without your brain tying up into knots about it.

I’ve had experiences, that didn’t need me to logically process what was happening, i just knew beyond any sliver of doubt that OKAY THAT MEANT IM SAFE, EVERYTHING’S FINE. Those feelings won’t always be that conveniently pronounced but you’re gonna have an INKLING, and you’re gonna have to lock into it and run with it.

that was grounding, that was cheeky, that was really out of the blue that snapped me out of my train of thought –

Identify these things! figure out how they lock into the other answers you’ve had for yourself.

And then …just where you find the meaning that resonates most with you (which can be like the skies parting, finding the right puzzle piece OR OR OR realizing it no special meaning altogehter) – STOP.



Don’t try to figure this out ten days straight, flipping the incident this way or that until you’re obsessed with it. That’s not cool. And sometimes you just need to let things happen to you without getting it.

But if you did-


Good job! Comment below any raindrop experiences and your interpretation of it so people could get some field notes 🙂

See yaaaa


5 thoughts on “water drops out of nowhere — how to understand sensations????? for the beginner clairsentient

  1. In bed considering if I should take the Covid vaccine as I’m vulnerable/ sheltered with autoimmune disease and ping from nowhere a droplet of water lands on my arm, ? Has happened occasion before a few years ago. No idea still if to take ornot. Droplet yes or no. . ….,,


  2. Was reading the book of Genesis in the Bible, when I was around chapter 6 “The Wickedness of Mankind” suddenly I saw droplets of water falling on my bed beside me thought it was from the rooftop but to my greatest surprise when I looked up the rooftop the was no signs of droplets, leakage, animal or insects natural phenomenon, it hits me hard in my thoughts because it’s been years I open the Bible to Read, a lot of questions run through my thoughts, but I made my own decision due to what I felt before reading the Bible this faithful morning, I consider it to be a covenant between Me and my God for what ever purpose He may considered in my life, I’ve heard testimonies of miracles I’ve never weakness one live until today, if anybody can read this I just want you to know there’s a God somewhere we’ve to seek to understand Him more for there’s a lot to understand and do to serve a better purpose.
    Akwanga David Potter Molua


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