what to do if you think may multo sa bahay mo (there’s a ghost in your house!)

short answer: pray


ok but for real ok lets discuss. Especially for people who are scared ass shits for all the bad energy juju and pakshit that’s steeping in the air -let’s get to DISCUSS.


So pull a chair. Hi. Hello. So you feel like there’s something scary that’s going on. Why is that ? How much energy did you put into the belief of the phenomena for it to plague you enough that you’re wondering if you’re supposed to be writing your last will and testament. As someone who has psychic af senses, I’m not discrediting your experiences, but I AM asking you to get REAL with your fear and belief systems.

  1. if you’ve never had prior experience with spirit..

Other than second hand stories used to scare children – why do you think any extrasensory phenomena creep you the hell out ?? cause you’ve been taught to – you’ve been taught to have a belief that anything slightly above the physical realm is dangerous as hell and not normal and weird and DEVIL AND CRAZY AND WELL how credible are your sources ? do you trust those people? what does history say?

2. Well suppose the concept of linear time exists.. DISINCARNATE Spirits can be good or bad ! 

You’ve got angels and demons you’ve got tricksters and fairy god mothers. You’ve got vengeful spirits that want to curse you but also dead grandmas who want to give you one last bit of advice. It’s not cool to put out a moral judgement of “FEAR” automatically on your experience when there is literally a rainbow spectrum of stuff happening to you. be open to that. JUST OPEN. O—–PEN UP. Entertain the possibility that this isn’t as terrifying as it is- cause most of the time it ain’t.

3. You need an example. Ok i’ll give you one.

I have a cousin who believes she has a doppleganger in her house and the way she talks about it – i know for a fact that it provides an ample amount of stress to her having these weird incidents of other people seeing her doing other things, and even she herself seeing another “her” crouched across the room.


4. Well. No not really ?

When she talked about it I felt zero aggressive or violent energy. And I recalled all the cross cultural folklore about us having multiple or twin souls. (don’t confuse this with twin flame lore) but you’ve got indigenous tribes honoring tiny wooden totems of themselves. Higher 5th dimensional equivalents of ‘you’ acting as their guides from another plane, that you talk through with a doll. There’s also a concept of ‘soul retrieval’ in just about every shamanic culture, and it honors just how little! our conscious self knows of the entirety of what could be the an entire “Self”.

To be honest, knowing that my cousin is a recuperating disabled, being bed ridden for years in her life.. My best guess is that that’s just a projection of her will and desire to walk around the house and be “typically abled”.

5. But dead souls can haunt houses right ??!?!?

yeah sure, but don’t take it so personally yeah? like “you don’t know” is one of the most meaningful things you can accept right now and be willing to listen?? So now that I’ve said all of that you want some practical actiony stuff to do. okay

6. give them a way out

Open the windows and like a fly that you’re ushering into the outside world. Just do hand gestures with your solid intent, that “the exit is this way, you can go now”. You can also smudge using the ever so popular sage but if that’s not available literally drawing, imagining a bright white circle would really work well too. Just imagine the form, the weird vibe and stagnant energy you want to unlodge and just SEE IT GET IN THERE. As vividly as you can.

7. THAT’S ALL MY ADVICE. But here’s bonus ones:


STEP 1.5: CALL UP A PRIEST FOR THAT HOUSE BLESSING if you’ve come to the point where you’re seriously considering that. If you’re seriously considering it, it means you have enough faith in your ministers that you’re allowing/enabling them to be actually capable of ‘banishing this’. You’re faith is just as important as theirs. Oh yeah, be sure to tell them you’ve had creepy stuff going on, so they could prepare.



I’ve helped a spirit pass on, but it wasn’t exactly a spirit or ghost of my dead grandma. It was more of the collective attachment my family has had for her and it’s just this heavy gripping force of incapacity to move on. It was really thick, and felt like really crappy energy. I cleared it out the way you’d try to spring clean a room. tons of new air, new light, sweeping the floors. And well, I intuitively placed a lot of anthakaranas on the floor as energy drains. Some stuff moved in the process but I didn’t let myself get scared.

It’s just energy. It’s just stuck. LET IT FLOW.

If you’re scared, leave the room with all the open windows and energy drains and come back to it once a day for a week. Just keep clearing and clearing it, until you feel the weight of the place lift and you can go back to using it.



Any space clearing stories and tips? leave em below

❤ Maālia

your soul is welcome here

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