How to logically accept/expect Miracles and challenge your Impossible

Ever saw the visual light spectrum relative to how much more of light there is?


This is how little out visual eyes can perceive. This is how much we cannot know beyond out physical senses. An xray is basically a myth to the human eye- but it’s USEFUL.


Logically, there is so much that is uknowable. And a Miracle is just a phenomena that you just don’t KNOW how to explain just yet.


Before feb2016, I didn’t know how healing hands work. It seemed like magic- otherwise known in multiple variants and explanations such as  ”praying over someone” “the power of suggestion” “hypnosis” or some science sounding term like “bio energetics” or the other route of eastern mysticism like “pranic healing” and so on and so forth.

Once I was actually capable of doing it – it seemed so simple.

You hold a higher resonance near something that’s “sick”.

And like tuning forks vibrating on the same note, a sick body could attrain to/learn health. Something I assumed to be ‘impossible’ / ‘miraculous’ has become incredibly NORMAL and EXPECTED for me. I can read the pain and sickness off of people’s auras now, I have a visceral experience of how vibrational reality is true even though not normally perceived by the five senses.



Name a thing you think is impossible. Just name that thing, you kind of wish was true for you but you have come to believe is just not damn probable within your reality. Things that make you go but “ahh I don’t think I can lose weight” “You can’t make money in this economy” “I won’t get any better from my mental illness it’s just who I am”.

Write that down.



Name a thing that you previously thought was impossible, and have now come to know as not true. It could be as simple as “i never thought I would enjoy roller coasters” or ”oh that movie wasn’t half bad after all I was completely off mark about that”. To “OH HEYYYYY I THINK VIBRATIONAL REALITY IS REAL” what’s important is the experience is very potent to you. Emotionally charged, heavens parting kind of level of self-correction and realization if it can be.

Some more ideas could be “Oh driving wasn’t so bad” or “Oh wow! I’m actually capable of living on my own -13 year old me would be impressed??”. Or “WOW I’M SO GLAD I GOT OVER THAT CRUSH. HE WAS SO NOT WORTH IT, FROM 10 to NEGATIVE FIVE MILLION I AM GLAD I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY AND SOBERIETY”

Just! hold that idea or memory. Feel how much your personal reality shifted when you corrected that one belief.  Think about how crazy and unfounded your belief system was prior to the correction. THINK HOW FALLIBLE THE SENSES ARE. Think about how, for many times in your life, you changed some beliefs about your self and your world and just how damn OFTEN that happens, as a natural progression of experience and life on life on life on life on life on life on life …


Go back to the impossible thing.

Are you still so sure about that?


❤ Maalia


3 thoughts on “How to logically accept/expect Miracles and challenge your Impossible

  1. Great Post Man!
    I used to believe that eating one meal a day doesn’t make any sense as my friend used to do that. How is it possible to survive on one meal a complete day? Won’t body panic? Won’t you feel deprived while everyone else around you is eating?
    Guess, what I thought was impossible is now my daily ritual. I feel so much better and awesome rather than stashing food the whole day.
    We call anything impossible which is beyond our scope of understanding & beliefs but once you change that and realize them as self-limiting beliefs, anything can be done. Thanks for the post man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wow! that’s amazing, coincidentally I’ve been trying to revise my own relationship with food and revising my own ‘impossible’


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