How to fall in love with love



Love would like to speak to you right now. Love would like to talk about all the news, about this loving. All the lovers, the devotees and the insane.

Love would like to just love you right now.

Love wants to show you how to probably get this right.

Love wants to say:


I am in everything, I am in the harsh heat of sun, the drone of the fan, in each and every corner of an oft called dull and mundane life.

I am not posession.

I am the door of destruction, I am the sweet release from the weight of the body, I am orgasms in orgasms – I am the losing, of yourself. The grand illusion of thy Self.

I am the implosion of new experiences, the rapid embrace, the free fall, sky dive into AIR into LIFE into more of that is, of is, trapped wrapped -locked within every nugget of existence. And percieved impossibility.

That word does not exist for lovers. There is too much fervor.

In this Love: there is the rushslap of discovery.

In another person, in the music of the violin, for a daydream you’ve never imagined before. How sweet it is to herald an age of Expansion.

You set sail in the oceans of your being, tossed by the waves as well as the tides. A relentless current, a burbling in every brook or book: that one myth of the-


The beloved.

The Golden heart.

That one true love you forsook a thousand half-loves for.


You wonder if it would come as a person or be as incomprehensible as God.

An idea from Love, my dear one.


An answer, or not. From the organ in your chest:

Your own heart – your own love. The love you learned to love from love, the feature, quality and shape of your own lovingness, kindness, compassion and heat. The way you move and cherish the world in your arms and in your breasts. Your joy as well as your tears your laughing and wailing breaths.

The love is in the loving. It is a quality of life. Fundamental.

Never ending, all encompassing, the most personal of personal you can imagine.

The love that you seek is the gem in your Self.


Please do take care of you for me.

For Love can’t help but love you



your soul is welcome here

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