How to use writing for self-healing (3 IDEAS!)


Write like no one is watching, write like you’re only here for the act of purging and writing itself, write like you’re going crazy. Write like you’re exorcising demons unto a page, write like you’re jumping off of a cliff trying to grasp at the words that would nail down the coffin of those damn skeletons. Write like you’re on a witch hunt, and just get those damn words on a page.

print it out in the smallest text. Then burn it away.



Write like your personality is a math problem. Write like everything that has culminated to your problem, hopes and woes happened to another person. And let’s just call him joe, or Janet. Write it like a punch for bunch basis, strong life experience, slicing it down to core belief systems and basic statements. Oh thy has come to believe this ergo 1 +1 has led to the two.

Give advice to this wondrous ‘other person’ on the page.

‘Otherize’ your problem. You’ll see it in a new light.



write like you’re gonna die.

Write like that’s one of the best things that have ever happened to you, because now you can make a demo reel of the best things that have happened in your life. Your best lessons, your best advice. There’s also that quality, that you just don’t give a dman anymore and you’re set free. Set free to say- this is what I really want, or I’m not going to let this ever happen again, or Hey wow self, I love you.

Also the sky feels golden. Feel that now, feel that today





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