How to entertain multiple truths and finding YOUR truth

So this is basically to study the theory of relativity… Quantum physics.

sounds complicated

it’s not.

You know that train problem they give you in physics class? How fast is it moving away from you? 12mph? What if you’re on it? 0mph What if you’re on parallel tracks, in ANOTHER train going 4mph, then that other train is only moving relative to you by 8pmh. Now suppose it was accelerating, the math gets a bit more complicated, but the principle stays the same.

Whats the point of reference?

Remember, subatomic particles don’t really follow the common laws of physics. So this frame is more fundamental than you think.

So do you think feels better :

A. I have no control over my life

B. I am the author of my life

Which is more empowered ?

But Which is the real Real ? Does it matter, is one more valid than they’re the other? They’re both TRUE anyhow, like the two observers of the train, now from what VANTAGE POINT do you want to be in ?

This is my argument, or – point of reference everytime there is any cast of doubt over thigns of spirit: what are intuitive tools really but an overactive imagination ? are we really spiritual beings having a human experience or is that just a new age ego trip ? How can pain have any real meaning other than what we ascribe to it – so isn’t that healing lesson/ journey/ whatever arbritrary?



A perfect falcon, for no reason

has landed on your shoulder,

and become yours


(Rumi quote!). There are multiple truths, and you don’t even need to argue why your truth is better than the others , or why and how it happened – the falcon just landed okay! You don’t need to BUILD the train to be on it. You just have to be aware that you picked your truth! And that’s all the validity you’ll ever need. The virtue of picking already comes with a buy one take one deal of having that exist for you, a train ticket.

I am worthy of love

I am not worthy of love

I am beautiful and my presence is a gift to others

No one wants to be around me, I’m a sob

I’m in a shithole and things are going to get worse

I’m in a shithole and this is the lowest point of my life, nothing could be lower, and there’s only one way but up now. I can’t fail anymore, I already lost everything and realized that I’m still breathing. I have nothing to VALIDLY fear now. I can do anything.


Adjust your frame of reference and realize Truth is YOUR truth. No need to muddle with other peoples 12mph to your 0mph. Save yourself the argument and just say : YOU’RE both right. Welcome to the quantum universe.



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