**fyi the human incarnate maalia works in a homeless NGO and i have Feelings so ere they are..


Our Catmon study had less than 3% unemployment rate but 38%!! under the international poverty line of 2usd/day (100pesos). Only HALF are regularized workers.
This is comparatively worse than 25% ratio of the rest of Urban Manila and these guys are your drivers, maids and factory workers and some of them live on 12 PESOS A DAY. YOU CAN’T EVEN BUY A MEAL WITH THAT. There are plenty of dependents, for every 1.5 working person there’s a 3.5 senior/ housewife/ child that’s off to school and I don’t know how to react with their want of lowering the legal working age. i just. EUGH
What I’m astounded with IS THESE GUYS CAN SAVE. These guys have a proper deal to buy part of the land from the legal landowner, and relocate there with some coolass backers from NGOs and CSOs who would double their show money.
Medyo malayo pa tatahakin (There’s still a long walk towards it) but at least they’re not suffering the threat of eviction. Heck, with their budgeting it looks like they can even pay electricity legally if given the chance(??).
Even within their community there are varying degrees of haves and have-nots and they’re technique of getting by is getting basic services – together, consolidating a position – together — looking out for EACH OTHER nakakaiyak(i can cry). The leaders are inspiring, some of the bravest aspects of the human soul, seriously. zero joke.
What’s ironic is that our volunteer previously homeless people, ran out of transport and food allowance!! These moms don’t even have proper payrolls and yet they run this whole community work thing and it’s just !! GOD I’LL MISS THE NOISY MATHERS. grantors release that moolah already!!(!!)
PS: i wrote this as an open rant on FB but i asked permission from my higher self and it’s a resounding NOPE, YALL GOTTA DO THIS INDIRECTLY. And I’m just like OKAY FINE THIS IS WHY I HAVE AN ANON BLOG FOR MY THOTS and goodlord they’re ok with it (guides, masters what not)
PSS: on a supremely personal note i feel PHENOMENAL lately, to anyone reading here, I’d like to thank you. You’re tiny viewcount means the world to me.

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