How to go on a vision journey, and get answers from other realms

According to my astrological chart, i can journey and access other realms fairly easily. And though I’ve taken a few meditation classes and listened to a few online meditation guides on youtube, I can honestly say I’ve made up most of the stuff myself..

And talking to other “intuitives” or just HUMAN BEINGS, I’ve noticed that what I do is kind of different from the usual. The closest references I can check with are , shamanic journeys and dream puzzles, but not really?? not exactly????


Some examples of what I see and feel on these vision journeys:

  1. a representation and puzzle of someone’s health. a sword down someone’s throat that you need to pull out. someone encased in hardened rock that you must chip them out of. someone with shards lodged into their hands, that you pick out one by one…
  2. someone’s spirit guides or higher self
  3. the shape of people’s pain and joy, colors, basic aura reading.


So yeah! If you want to  figure out how I do those things, read on.


First step is to visualize, as vividly as you can. Like a music video when you listen to your favorite music. Get lost in that world, really feel yourself transport into that mental image, and have the intention of just COMPLETELY going there.

If you feel like it, invoke whatever guides, or what you hold sacred to come along with you and help you go on your little vision journey.

Imagine yourself going into a hole. Like those mind-trips they show in anime where everything is this vast void. Feel this voidness. Like whatever stray thoughts and monkey mind things are happening to you, imagine you just plunge deeper through it, and you’re leaving those things in the surface. Our subconscious, older, that-which-has-more-nerve-endings limbic brain deals with sensations and emotions, not logic. So don’t argue with it, just feel it being left on the surface and go deeper.

Imagine stairs, like a dream sequence, or you’re just about to fall asleep into a VERG vivid day dream. Stairs. and tell yourself, for each step you go down, you are going deeper into your subconscious, you’re becoming twice more relaxed for each step. See yourself go down the steps at least doubling your intention ten times. Feel that programmed into the action, then watch yourself run down the stairs. Like as straight and true as an arrow.

Feel yourself move and transport. Have the intention of arriving to that heart of the void. Whatever vision of vortex you can muster up, just throw yourself into it. With the full force of your will, find this or death, just commit yourself 10,000 percent into arriving to this place and just feel yourself arrive.

feel it when you’re in an empty room, and really all other thoughts are those really far off clouds up there in the surface when you’re billions of miles under the sea. this darkness, this emptiness. if any more persistent images pop up just cast them upwards, or go to a deeper room or level. keep going until you really arrive to a blank slate. if you can’t tell from your nose to your toes or you can’t seem to move your body or you feel extremely detached to it. you’re doing this right you’re really there.

you’re there.


one you’ve arrived.

you may ask your question.


example: ‘what is the form of this illness i seem to be having?’

and watch as an image suddenly takes shape in that room. a sword, a computer, a memory. and just interact with it like you’re in a dream.

pull the sword from the stone, type something into the computer. follow the past you move about her gradeschool life. SOLVE THE PUZZLE. or set an intention with the image. Sometimes this could be quite literal


example: ‘i would like to see my heart’

And watch as an image of a caged stabbed piece of meat resurfaces, full of glass and weighed down by heavy steel. Don’t scare yourself you know your intentions. See the steel lift out. Watch yourself lift it out, or summon whatever image of strength you can imagine that can buldoze out the debris. SCREAM INSIDE YOUR BEING, demand that this shrapnel be removed. operate.


If you feel your waking life body, react to your puzzle solving it’s okay. if you feel heat, water, electricity, sudden sharp pain, a phantom form of what weight is making your ankles feel shackled just keep going. go you can do this. focus on the other deep realm. FINISH. don’t leave anything undone. !ALSO!!  make sure you do this in a room that no one will disturb. IF ANYONE HOLDS YOU or let alone makes a jarring sound in the room you’re in, you’ll feel like you’re having a heart attack and you will scare yourself to shits from the earthquake that is your soul being SHOcked into returning so fast from the nether realms. this has happened to me, it’s safe just NOT FUN. SOOO.


DO THE THING. solve it, if you have any positive affirmations you want to work on and inception in your subconscious mind, do it. make sure it’s strong a true and not confused with itself, if it’s your first time, just stick to one. Know that you’re seriously reprogramming yourself in the deepest core of yourself. feel the new intention, or as simple as healing white light really melt into the place you just operated. good damn job.


If you’re done, go up the steps. Or even better, imagine a door and say you’re returning to your so called waking life. Have the intention of sliding back to it in the most harmonious manner and be absolutely wonderful with what you’ve just done.

Welcome back


❤ Maalia

Questions and stories? Leave em in comments



If you want to talk to trees, set the intention to their core or root. I’ve successfully done this several times and holy cow do they have AMAZING energy. Very beautiful even say handsome energy.

when you can get a hang of this, you can use this connecting method to get a quick reading on a situation or idea, between say choice A or choice B. But the part where you really discard all your preconceptions and thoughts around those things would be more crucial. i personally find counting to ten as an effective trigger for me, as a truncated version of all my intentions when I want to do this really quickly. For some reason though i work up to 10,000 to 5 billion and really big obtuse numbers just to encourage my consciousness to get progressively deeper each time…


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