How to Git Good at chakras you suck at; Alternatively how to do chakra healing that actually works..

So as I’ve mentioned in 8 spiritual lessons maalia is working on for 2018 , my navel chakra is kinda weak/ A GREAT OPPURTUNITY FOR GROWTH. The alleged manipura, the seat of willpower, thy personal sun, the warrior princess in you and me.

I’ve went through some meditations that focus on these, and sometimes they just don’t work. They don’t resonate, I can’t jive with those affirmations. And I can’t convincingly convince myself that eating a banana will make me a warrior cause it’s yellow. Also I can’t just wear yellow? I’m missing something right? These are all just surface ornaments to an internal dysfunction and I need to restrategize.


((Mind you I have gone to an emobodied meditation class that was themed on the warrior and i have uterly failed on Getting It, if anything I’m more dumbfounded by more warrior poses and…))


SO. what about..


  1. Start from somewhere you’re good at, you’re familiar with, a proven method of healing for you in the past and present

So in my case, canned affirmations and just eating the color hasn’t exactly worked for me. What has worked for me in the past is doing some intense visualizations with my favorite music. For example for the heart chakra, I didn’t need to say I was a loving person, i just put on selfless loving music and felt how bloody amazing it was to GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE to a point of exaltation. A heart opening has ripped through me TWICE by just visualizing etheric hugs while listening to good music. Maybe i need to restrategize. Maybe music and embodiment is just amore effective method for me.

So I went over to my spotify and realized I don’t have that much fight and warrior music. Like the kind they use for the gym. I mostly had these soft watery acoustics and these earthy drum jams that were too playful to really suggest a fight. I HAD, a few songs though. And the way they made me feel really redefined what a warrior was for me.

2. Describe and redefine what that chakra represents with your own words.

A warrior wasn’t a brute or a gym/war nut. If anything they reminded me of my favorite shonen anime prontagonists. Sports anime heroes who fight the good fight which is primarily against themselves. Against their own self improvement, their own ambitions, their own self-doubt. They were weapons of power in their supreme sense of focus, natural leaders with good judgement with what was the best course of action and what was most fair for the group.

I realized that battles fought by the warrior aren’t only physical, but psychological, emotional, spiritual warfare where right action called for them to stand their ground. Wether if it was for black rights, a friend who was being suicidal, a single mother who cannot despair in front of their child. I was redefining what strength, grit and FIGHT meant to me. A personal definition that wouldn’t scare my unathletic history , or fall on the easy stereotype of bloodlusty bully.

I could honestly look at Vengeful Archangel art and go like, oh I get that. I get that there are things that you draw a line with. I get that you have self-love and self-respect. I get that you made descisions and are sticking by them because you hold yourself responsible with the power and resources assigned to you.

3. Act out and visualize people and situations that embody it. Familiarize yourself with the new vibration.

Don’t be so dead set on seeing yourself do it just yet! Don’t be too specific, heck don’t relive all the self-doubt and programs you’ve got yourself blocked with on the first place. Just daydream, play with the new vibration. Watch and tell yourself a few stories of your model got-their-manipura-charka-balanced and see them act in the situation. It’s okay if the way they act feels so foreign to you. The key is that you admire them, the key is that you’re enjoying living our and activating their story.

I personally adore sports anime stories. I love it when someone rises through an injury. I love the leadership the grit, I just bloody love someone who has complete and utter devotion to a path they’ve set their eyes on and decided on, and under critical conditions– They soar. They fly, they look Alive, beautiful, they’re awe inspiring. Awesome, in the older sense of that word. They’re sense are heightened, they can go for the kill. (( SO! If you too are having manipura difficulties, I recommend you watch Haikyuu or Daiya no Ace or One Punch Man hihihi))

Anyhow, anytime you feel your stomach sink from the loss of power. You actually have a roadmap to the strong willpower feeling, and you’ve actually set up some triggers for yourself to get there. This Music. That Character. That Situation where he’s about to nail a service ace. You get the idea.


Though I worked through, and still working through my own manipura chakra, I’m pretty damn sure that this method will work for any other chakra you’re having trouble with. Heck! DON’T BE SCARED OF MAKING YOUR OWN METHOD OF CHAKRA HEALING. If anything you’ll get bonus points from the universe with so much personal agency.

I really hope all of you guys, readers and whoever just bumped into this, would realize and feel that you really do have all the answers. You know yourself, so you’re the best person to unblock yourself.

I believe in you! 🙂

Til next time,



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