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Okay hi guys, I just had a magical weekend with my mentors and life realization have hit me like a truck. Also work life is doing the Tower right now so I apologize for the late post but:

(1) I just spent a whole saturday with three “witches” the way i wished for in new year , and they’re a super happy bunch ??? I’m the youngest but I’m really learning from them an excitement and a zest for life??

(2) Second confirmation that my soul has definetly incarnated in 8 bodies in this lifetime. I was really worried about this before cause I’m like (A) was I being an idiot trying to catch up on life lessons and (B) what the hell were they doing.

Thus a nice tarot reading thus ….Turns out we’re separated by both SPace and TIme, as in galaxies away and they have vastly different life lessons for me some with tremendous suffering. Ate jenny says my only job is to heal myself through play and fun and start projects, a real aries through and through. Leave tracks, blaze a trail….



I mean one of the magic people had a client who she called was a dreamwalker and I was all. That’s such a darn cool name. Said client was having trouble with getting premonitions of death and suicides and those coming true and didn’t know how to control or let alone get a deepseated sure feeling of a meaning of a symbol in a dream.

I was like, oh that’s easy. You ask the dream when you’re half asleep and half awake.

Like you know when you can kinda see the window of your bedroom and you’re all like umm no i wanna go back to the dream and you’re body is still super heavy ala meditation, and you’re like in this liminal space of being able to recall dream images but you’re conscious enough to actually decide which ones you want to enter. It’s basically a tetha brainwave state where you can program yourself but not super deep. It’s not YET, lucid dreaming (which is controlling the dream even in deep sleep). But easier and like the practice stage.

It very much feels and ACTS like a shamanic vision journey (and you can check out how I do that here).  And my new magic friend was all like yeah that sounds like shamanism all right.



I DO THIS THING. WHere before i fall deep into sleep i journey towards this apartment where my “real” family is.

And depending who and how someone greets me at the door I would know instinctively how my day was. Like oh I’m being consoled because i had such a hard day, or oh you want me to talk about the thing that happened before i go in, okay.

Then after that, i would go to my bedroom in that apartment, like i KNOW the layout of this place as if it was a real place*. And so I’d fall asleep in that bed. So what would happen is that in waking life i sleep on my bed, i go to this apartment, i sleep in the bed there and dream and whatnot and then i WAKE UP in the bed there and i have this small window of dream analysis in the apartment, then i WAKE UP to my bedroom in this world. That’s how I- I DID. NOT. KNOW THIS. WAS. DREAM. WALKING

And i did a form of this since i was a kid! I used to just play out stories with my own characters, in just a recurring setting. Usually a scene I’m working through, (weirdly, it was typically an apartment or a bedroom). And based on how they acted or what they talked about I really knew I was living viscerally through them. But i was like, oh who cares it’s really fun and cheap psychotherapy.

Fast forward to my 20s and I still did this but with characters i didn’t author but characters i liked or who i could relate to. Recently they were mostly guys. This is why, i was so weirded out when they acted out of character, or if in my inner vision they really looked like a girl. Like they were shorter – softer. WAIT HOLD UP THATS ME NOW GOING TO THAT APARTMENT. This all happened when i got more involved in spirit. And I realized the people greeting me at the door were my spirit guides or soul groupmates. Something like that, still can’t quite put a finger on it.


So what would be the benefits of dreamwalking up to my own apartment ?

– intentions, prayer, self-programming you make there are exponentially more effective than what you do in waking life. Like 1 minutes of practice there is equal to 100 minutes of practice in waking life.

– Some yogic practices even encourage the mastery of controlling dreams and lucid dreaming for the sole purpose of practicing meditation in dreams.

– you can burn karma in dream world. Have you ever had like a desire or a circumstance that was just physically impossible? Like no you don’t want to talk to that guy, or there’s no way of you getting that book like ever. Your soul hears you and finds a different way to resolve that desire. You can talk to the guy’s higher self in dream realm (true story, ate jammi had this) or you’ll have a really intense dream of reading that impossible book. (True story, i was crushing on a writer guy and he wrote a self-published book i can have no way of reading). WHAT’s weird is, when you wake up the situation will feel resolved, the experience of the dream is just as legitimate as in the real world.

– People CAN have trauma when they see bad things in dreams. This is why i encourage, journeying first when you dream so you can set intentions of what you dream about and have a framework of interpreting what it means to you.

– this is no different from the faithful who ask God to answer their questions in dreams and visions and receives prophecies. My dead grandpa did this regularly as a faith healer. I get premonitions too, but of HAPPY BIRTH OF BABIES. You definetly have the FREE WILL to ask that scary-ass suicides be not in your visions, or at least command whatever powers be at your side to be able to sort it out.


How do i go about it?

– sleep with crystals in your bed or print outs of anthakaranas. Pick soothing crystals, or crystals you’re already super familiar with working with

– journey. Read my extended how to here. JUST. IT WORKS 

– pratice


That’s all folks!

footnote: on what my apartment looks like

*it’s like a domestic AU from fanfictions. Think super homey IKEA that was the setting to my favorite love stories and funny family plots. Really personal meaning tbh


❤ Maalia

Hi 2020 update, I’ve since wrote updated articles:


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