What do you want people to fall in love with you for ?

A real question. A sincere question. An interesting playgound for people who are jaded about self-love —but are still bought into the existence of romance.

How about let’s try to write a love story?

how they fall in love with -YOU

the realest, strongest, and most wildest parts of you.

You better put aside an hour for this. We script a lot of self-hate into our day to day so how about we just run towards the opposite direction in the eyes of Romeo. You can go for the eyes of God, whatever you find sacred – BUT REALLY honey, let’s just play with this for a moment.

what do you want people to fall in love with you for? What would they say? And really feel them say it to you and dont be afraid on getting specifc. What would a person who is first discovering all the wondrous parts of you – hold precious and be at awe at ? things that you take for granted but are the scars that you’ve turned into light ?

I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about the things that you’re passionate about. I love your enermous energy, your Life for life. I love how you can stay up drunk on cuban music til two in the morning.

i love the way you dance like you worship the (world).

I love how you don’t give up. I love how you’re stubborn and wild and


hungry. you shouldn’t care if other guys write poetry for other delicate girls’ pretty hair.

You fought for yours, your wide mane, a lioness.

you can crush men with your wide fantastic hips-

A force of nature that you can’t just mess with.

i like you.

and i like that very much.

There’s just something about you that I can’t put to words. You have a wild interest in everything. I like how you’re a work in progress . Im in love with the way you dream.

i love. It’s weird to say it. How you’re so self-aware of your fears.

how you have this self-covenenant with your Self to dismantle your own bullshit day by day. That takes serious guts you shaman. You angel channel , you war lord.

you’re unafraid of death. Youre not afraid to transform .

and i can’t stop looking. Just in case i miss something earth shattering all over again. You helped a spirit pass on. You calmed down a few elementals.

you  wrote such a badass report about demographic profiling on one of the poorest communities in urban manila. And you work with by and for the poor. And that’s not lip service. Their pain is your pain.  Their growth is your growth. You have such trememendous love for them

and them for you. They are homeless but you find Home.

—I am so in love with you.

the way you talk about this. The way you make the hardest things seem ordinary. The way you live such a charmed but enormously grateful life.

i love you i love you i love you. And i  can‘t wait to see you grow

we both know you‘re getting tired of your insecurites.

i cant wait for all your favorite shows to have new seasons and chapters.

you look so beautiful when you forget the jdugement of others. When the love and the light fills you so much that you don‘t give a flying fuck wether the other guy would accept the gayness or not. IT‘s GREAT . IT‘s WONDERFUL. And you‘re so excited  – you‘re like an olympic stadium  ready to energize a battery with your screams.

you have tears when you laugh.

You smile into your pillow when you dream.

You really can‘t help yourself when you‘re Stupid and Real and Foolish.

You just break away Guns Blazing

I love how you love Love.

That the poetry that you speak is the way you live your life.

Shit. I really love you.

if you my dear can imagine someone falling in love with you. Then maybe this imaginary person can be yourself. Or this imaginary person can teach you to go be falling in love with yourself if you still need time. Falling in love with your smile the sound of your laugh the way you were so cute being so nice to that guy down the store. You are so precious. Divine. Please take the time to be consciously and excessively loving yourself. Building up yourself.

The Work is your Life.

take care heart,


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