Do you remember the time before INTERNET ? You‘re on it now – can you be grateful for it….?



I was once a tiny little girl. Who liked anime, (japanese cartoons) and drawing and art. Me and my friends used to always just talk about the latest episode of this and that during lunch break.







It was so bloody amazing. Looking back now, we would make just the absolute perfect youtube reacts becaue we would just spazz out being overexcited about things. We‘d draw our favorite chracters, make up our own stories. Trade comic books. We were so bloody at awe with each others drawings, to see our friend put our own jokes in characters we had. See our friend get better at drawing and making better compositions and using color. It was just so fricking exciting. ALSO.

It blew my fricking mind seeing the drawings of our  “Ates” (a-tehs means older sister in filipino, used for almost everyone) from a grade above us do MULTIPLE PAGE COMICS. WIth just the most gorgeous lineart, super expressive layouts and lines. I just COULDN’t HANDLE IT. I STILL REMEMBER THAT DAY. I WAS LIKE. LOOK AT THAT AMAZING ART.


now .


please imagine my tiny 12 year old brain discovering the internet can google fanart.

Just please.

i beg of you.



I was bloody overwhelmed. THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD ART. IT WAS LIKE… It was like I had like a bajiliion new ates, older sisters and brothers from ALL OVER THE FRICKING WORLD>. THROUGH SPACE. AND DAMN TIME> WHO WERE PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC ARTISTS< WHO WERE HOBBYISTS AND ALL had different styles and ideas WHO MADE Art of all the things i liked too ???? AND IT WAS FREE?!?!?ER!??$?


by god.

It’s like I had the entire world with me to scream with me when a new episode came out. I had entire nations to talk to and appreciate sheer talent wonder and creativity. I legit have cried when i was a full(?) adult in my 20s being overwhelmed by so much creativity by cover artists on youtube. I mean can you image how many other people have had magical and awesome experiences with one damn performance or other peoples art and you never witness that but it happens? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

How much it affects and impacts them for the better ? All the GOOD VIBES and ENERGY, all the internet friends and connections you make, and how you build each other up as a fledgling creative in whatever community ? How we send each other so much love all the time if you’re willing to receive it?

cover artists. Fanfic writers. Those painters on tumblr. Just all bloody beautiful.


Sometimes i listen to an artist like florence and the machine.

or watch the most breathtaking conceptual nature photoshoot

and go like.


wow. Thats A PERSON. A person just like me.

Like a human can do that. 

Do you ever think about that ? All your favorite things and artists and civic historical leaders – they’re were like made or IS a PERSON. And YOU’re A PERSON. A PERSON PERSON. LIKE NO LESS THAN HIM HER HERHER HER OR THAT OTHER GUY.



Sometimes I catch myself complaining about the internet. This image is not HD enough or wow that’s a really shitty comments section. But I keep remembering the little old me who was so FLATTENED. By all the amazing art and the best of people.

and I spend a few hours just staring with a giddy smile at my favorite people. I just scroll through my favorite artists and go you’re amazing you’re amazing, holy guacamole i’m gonna write an excessively long comment about your writing because you’ve made my day my YEAR MY CENTURY WITH THAT ENDING. And it’s really the best thing.


I’m coming into circles now. Gathering up more courage to write and post stories. Blog and go draw again. Not really to prove anything but because it’s fun to be my little enthusiastic self again. This isn’t really a bad place honey. Sooohhh.


I guess I’m inviting you to play. Can you go around the internet now and be genuinely at awe with it? You’re using a crystal lattice that sends invisible waves to space so you can access photos, text, and  more importantly PEOPLE PEOPLE-. Human beans. This is magic, you’re doing magic. 


So play in it for a while,


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