How to do CRAZY healing while dancing

STEP 1: please do not care.

Throw dat expectation out of the window.  Please do not give a shit about how spiritual exorcising your inner madonna and angst hoe is gonna be. Just, there is no place for that, today you’re just gonna be crazy.


STEP 2: pick which dancing monkey, resonates the most with you:




B THE nEED to fEEL. The Wallow in your Sorrow. The portrait sketching of my demons feat Rihanna.


C Teletubbies and the Inner child, the boyband playlist we will never speak of. Your throwback guilty pleasure that only your headphones will truly know


D We’re bring sexy back, rehearsals and application forms for Magic Mike 27. Your inert goddess. A senseless but perfect reason to wear lingerie and drink entire bottles of wine for your personal performance.



STEP 3: Attack this with an enthusiasm like a child discovering the lightsaber.

Your body is free. The music is free. THe room is locked and empty and you’re gonna put on a show. You’re gonna make


Performance Art

A covenant

Something stupid enough that it might. just. work.


Ofcourse it will, you read it on the internet. And Beyonce believes in you. I Believe in you. We are all fully capable of addressing the trauma that are body remembers and we’re using DANCING to get rid of it. Here are your prompts based on the dancing monkeys you have previously selected.


1. THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR. Flashback to your favorite heroes and what causes they championed. Think about what you would bleed for, where you stand your ground and where you draw the lines. Paint yourself the hero this time, put on gym music and YELL: HURAH. <haka videos> Claim yourself the harbringer of the new Dawn.


2. THE PATH OF WATER, THE PATH OF THE MOON. Flashback to the weakest points of your life. With your brave heart confess the unhealthiest thoughts you have about yourself and let them float in the air. Or on a piece of paper. Stab it with pens, sob and wail into your pillow. Reach the highest peak of this emotion, – and do the most Drama Queen you can think of -Burn it up,  rip it to shreds. upturn a few tables. Use that height of the emotion to declare that you’re over it. Declare the energies as transmuted, as changed as taking on a new form. Reemerge as a new person, eat and cook your own demons.

3. THE PATH OF THE INNER CHILD. Think of the stupidest song ever. Think of the holy crap i wouldn’t be caught dead doing this thing dance move ever. Think of the stupidest outfit in your closet and just go wear it. This is best done with a reliable best friend or a pink flamingo. This is bloody hell the best discsion you’ve made in your life ever. Now go have your fun.

4. THE PATH OF SENSUALITY. Ever heard of a full body orgasm? Do you want to know how to acheive a cascading sensations of multiple full body orgasms? It’s going to involve coming in to your body, deep breathing and a lot of self love and openness. The full manual for this can’t be fit in a few sentences, it’s in your heart, and your genitals. So start with some really good self-massages,  and take your luscious precious time to feel good about feeling good. God bless you honey.


That’s it folks!

I’m not responisble for any side-effects of supreme well-being and good fortune.

That’s all you


❤ Maalia

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