The metaphysical meaning of menstrual pain

In our day and age it is common to hear about women complaining about dysmenorrhea, fertility problems, endometriosis, PCOS, and PMS. It’s some sort of cosmic joke that women are gonna bitch about, this, are gonna be moody about this and are going to demand dark chocolate.

I am one who will never decline dark chocolate.

But let’s talk about the deeper meaning of all of this. What does this all mean in a deep psycho-spiritual level.

Menstruation is part of our Fertility Cycle. Birth and Rebirth.

There are holistic health practitioners who specialize in onverexplaining these rhythms. How our ovulation is like the moon, that goes through phases of waxing and waning. Thickening of the luteruem lining, and the thinning of it. Where you bleed and where you both metaphorically let that bad blood go.

Now this is all fine and dandy in terms of getting metaphysical meanings. BUT HOW DO YOU FIX IT ?? WHERE IS THE PAIN COMING FROM, AND WHY DOES IT SEEM SO UNIVERSAL.

I have two theories.

One.  is that we’re carry all the residual momentum and karma of the lack of feminine energy in our collective reality. thus the rise of feminism and birth complications. thus mama earth, having a difficult time keeping up with all our yang-like cities.

Two. we have this excess ‘birthing’ energies that aren’t properly converted since we don’t have internal body practices to convert them.


I want to talk about how to deal with it using the second one.

Since as above so below. What internal healing we bring about in ourselves relfects to our outer world. If you can calm your inner raging menstruation, you have brought a shining shimmering beam of light in this world, you mother.

For a technical explanation of this I would like to refer to a book in my library called ‘cultivating female sexual energy’ for people who want to go deep diving into this. For a brief but super impactful summary, read on:


  1. We’ve all got primordial energy. One of the most potent energies in our ovaries, literal eggs that are the potential of literal New Life.
  2. In traditional chinese energy arts, this energy is converted up our spine , into our organs, other chakras and so forth to be used for Higher awareness.
  3. Thought directs energy, use meditation to consciously circulate this locked potential up your energy body.


  1. Warm up your sexual organs. Use chi from your hands to literally rub, or actually visualize a warming up of your ‘stove’. If you practice you can actually feel the actual location of your ovaries and actually massage it- sounds crazy. But hey it works.
  2. Hold that pool of energy. In the case of preexisting pain, just hold that pain like a big ball of bad waiting to be converted into the elixir of life. Shoot it into your tailbone, your ‘sacrum’. This is the very tip of your spine that has a natural built-in pump to work that energy upwards. Have a strong intention of it to go there.
  3. Assist and feel that energy work up your spine. Stop and focus at energy points that feel blocked and be patient with yourself. If anything feels suddenly amazing, just bask in that, your organs are thanking you. Make it up to the tip of your head then proceed downwards into your belly. Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth when proceeding from your forehead to your neck. Feel and imagine successive fountains filling into your heart and down to your belly.

Finally: see the energy swirl there (the dan tien) and see it crystallize in the most amazing small pearl. Keep running this cycle until the pain goes away and keep doing this in your free time, while waiting in traffic or paying your bills.

I 100% guarantee your PMS symptoms will decrease if you do it right. And if your PMS symptoms ever do return you’ll be so self-aware and in-tune with your energetic imbalances you already know what caused you to stress yourself out. This is best done theoretically during your ovulation period (right after your mens) as this is when new eggs are formed. But hell – just do this every chance you get.

Consider this as my gift as one woman to another.

You don’t have to let your PMS control your life. You’re like a surfer in the ocean, we may get choppy waves but we know how to ride it. It’s not a life sentence. YOU CAN DO THIS.

I’ll always be here,

❤ Maalia

PS: 2019 update, I made some art that’s encoded with releasing karma related to menstrual pain. Gaze softly on the image or use as desktop and phone paper for a while to really get the energy downloaded into your subconscious system. If you feel great about it please do send some appreciation 🙂

Second update

Another concept that’s closely related with birth energies is the relationship with your mother. A lot of karmic old ties to family and how you were mothered and nursed through lifetimes.

As much as I appreciate narratives that help explain these phenomena, I always want to focus on how to manage them well. So I offer two approaches:

  1. Energetic

When you are meditating, in deep relaxation, softly pull out the matter, the stuckness, the blocks resting in your uterine. I have tried extricating a stubborn block very rashly and i tell you it will make your dysmenorrhea worse SO PLEASE, be gentle. Ask whatever guides or higher powers you believe in to help you surrender this pain, this debris this stuckness.

Do this for at least 100 incredibly slow breaths.

If you see the block floating in your periphery – try to push it out of your boundary – and ask something to talk away. Arch angel Raphael to burn it, the black holes to swallow it. These things very much float in spatial memory so it’s very important not to just remove AND make distance but to ALSO dismiss it properly.

After that fill in what gap or hollow ache you have with white light or something loving and feel good. Please do not be impatient like me, whatever doesn’t want to dislodge just leave it be. Do chi circulation exercises like what I described in the first part, it helps you’ll be okay.2. Head-on

2. Head-on

This sounds confusing but hear me out. A lot of metaphysical work is two fold, meaning one part spiritual one part practical. One part woowoo one part mundane as heck.

The fact that you’re searching for metaphysical reasons for menstrual pain means you acknowledge that aspects of health are linked to karma, spirituality and these can have spiritual solutions. But those also have mundane… action points.

If you’re effed fertile energies is you not writing the book you’re supposed to – no amount of meditating will make it go away. If it’s about healing and forgiving an absent and emotionally stunted mother, no amount of visualization will exempt you from the work of forgiving your mother. If it’s about giving birth to “yourself” realizing an identity that is all your own and not hooked to a manipulative and disenguine other – then well, GIVE BIRTH or suffer.

We pretend often that we don’t know what’s happening or going wrong, or what the next step is. But we do. Usually the truth of the situation is sitting on our face and it’s been this long denial dance of doing what’s best for yourself. And not having the love and courage to do what’s best for yourself.

We take better care of our pets more than ourselves.

I can honestly say, my dysmenorrhea is worse when I’m stressed. Also even if I’m a shaman, I still drink pain killers for these. I’m not a tai chi/qi gong master, (not yet). But I can attest that my relationship with my cycle reflects a lot of the lessons I have with creation, my mother, and a lot of energetic work that not only heals myself but women before me and my family.

I would like to believe that period pain should not be normalized and that it’s rise is symptomatic of a lot of deeply rooted sicknesses within larger society. Bad diets, inherited karma, a loss of respect to dark and mysterious feminine art and energies. But as above so below.

A healing of one woman is a healing of all women, and I wish you well for the gifts and burdens that come with it.

If you want to check in via a tarot reading if you’re period pain is referring to something specific, we could hatch something together, just check my services for me to send healing to you.


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