Suggestions for my future Self: 10.0 rituals that will make Life better.

You my dear heart has always been a well-spring of ideas.

Today, this day of Spring, I store them in a box for you.

For a cold winter day, when your soul feels lost at night. Pick a number, any number, and with a degree of faith read and do whatever feels right. You were brought here to read this. This is your time to wakeup into a box of sunshine.


1.Have a date with Bob Marley. Close your eyes, and get your best headset and have a date with the divine. Pick that album that draws oceans out of you, meet with the cosmic soul of music and be drunk in her waters. Lock your rooms, drown in ecstasy and delight.

2. Bake a pan of cookies. Cook that meal that reminds you of your grandmother. Open the pantry and make something that sticks you right back into your childhood and do it with religous fervor. Make matching tea, try some weird spices. Eat in the slowest and most luscious way possible.

3. Buy a ticket to the local art gallery, the one you’ve been meaning to go to when you’re on a date. Sit and bask with the art pieces, write nothing and speak no words. Let your thoughts float and let yourself be absorbed in someone else’s most careful thoughts and creation. appreciate them, and see in others your own struggles.

4. Write. write a book, a story board, a three act play. write a ten page journal entry of boys and vices to avoid and miracles that have happened to you since the age of four. write a life review. write a letter to your future self and top ten lessons for your metaphorical grandchild for her first day of school. write. for yourself, write.

5. Take an obsessively long time taking a bath with your favorite music. some candles, your favorite story and fanfiction. you will spoil yourself, because you’ll be staying in this cool water until your fingers are wrinkled. you will play with bubbles and hum to your favorite songs. you make a wonderful mermaid my dear.

6. We’ll be doing a performance art. today you’ll be delivering your own eulogy. what you will be remembered by, your greatest accomplishments, worst days, and maybe your fears. you will speak about your grandest loves and express all the things you need to get off your chest before you pass on to non-corporal life. record it on your phone, maybe listen to it in the morning.

7. Today in your rage and frustration, you will channel it to rearrange your room. you will sort out through year old clothes and decide to give it to a local shelter. you’ll purge your bookcase, you’ll cut in half all your childhood mementos. You’ll throw out that bulky furniture, and expired food and decide you will Change, and that you’re making space for the new. Today there is upturned dust. Tomorrow – fresh air.

8. Run in sunshine or play in the rain. you will look for forrests , mountains, oceans or beaches. you will look for that Great Escape. I don’t care if you’ll go on a one hour drive or make a pinterest board of drop dead gorgeous NatGeo images. Today you will drink the elixir of nature, you will run into her embrace. You will know her Beauty, and rediscover it inside of you.

9. You will either read in one sitting : the little prince, the alchemist, or your favorite manga, like Haikyuu. you will re-appreciate and you will see every character, every scene, redirected in the room of your mind in a new light. In a new meaning, in a new you. You will let these characters show you how to grow and move past obstacles. Today you will grow Strong.

10. You dance. For at least three straight hours I ask you to dance and move your body. To exalt your hormones, to hug your pillows. Find a brother or a playmate to scream at you while you beat your frustrations to the wall with stomps and punches. I want you winded, I want you Changed. Take that playlist and come out with guns blazing.


Remember, I love you my dear one.

❤ Maalia


your soul is welcome here

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