Meeting a soulmate, divine balance, a sister sign

Soulmates come in to your life to teach you, to show you aspects of yourself and how to grow. They weren’t exactly always romantic – but they are always important. I knew that to a rational extent, but only reflecting on it now did I realize how much truth there was in this statement. I can probably admit to having a handful of soulmates in my life, -but I want to talk about my ‘divine opposite’, about my bestfriend.

Sometimes, life gives you exactly the someone you need, who in that moment, needed you too. And I guess this is one long winded appreciation post for the stars, a celebration of relationships that mean the world – but aren’t romantic.

This is to you Dave, may you never read this (haha!)

A game of shadows

I’ll break it to you short and sweet. My “psychic” senses were opening, shakti rising, veils lifting whichever way you want to call it. I was panicking, I had sensations all over my body that I didn’t know how to explain, and I had zero references to express the beauty and light I suddenly had access to – my heart was wringing out my chest. My dreams felt like decades and I felt alone in the experience. It was unacceptable for an educated, science high school person like me to suddenly talk about spirit and visions.

I don’t know how I broached the topic with him. We tried to remember once I swear, but for the life of us couldn’t remember what exactly started this never-ending conversation about life, magic and the stars.

We were both studying architecture. We both had the same ‘guilty pleasuyre’ shows, and liked reading and writing fanfiction. And oh yeah, he’s heard of reiki.

you don’t find it weird?

-no, why would I? I’ve always known about it. It’s like healing hands.


To dave: You don’t know how much relief you gave me just sending me a chat message with those words. You made me feel normal, accepted non-judged. How was I supposed to know that that’s the best things about libras? That you were fair listeners, and had an academic curiousity for all things. Bless you really, beyond space and stars.

For him:

He grew up around a closed faith that choked him. His mother was a faith healer who invoked archangels, and his whole family was a group of natural psychics and intuitives. They shamed all works of the devil, cards , divination – all things he had a curious interest in. He could hear voices, but he didn’t tell them. He could see shadow people in corridors but didn’t really tell to anyone except as a scary ghost story for friends late at night. The dark didn’t scare him. But all these abilities did seem like a burden.

Feeling the thick heavy aura of an exam room. Poltergeist hauntings and possible curses. This was fun, but it was also kinda shitty. He’s a really anxious kind of guy.

don’t you meditate? Or visualize just a stronger aura?


I mean the physics of it is pretty simple. Energy follows thought.

You already know this?? can’t you imagine yourself in a white bubble ? Plus this doesn’t have to be so terrible. Exchanging energies with trees is fun, and super energizing. 


What were you thinking about when a voice told you that you should talk to your teacher? And when you turned a corner she was right there. That’s so cool. It starts in your head right???? and then what ?? Do you ever talk to it. The voices?

Hey, yo. maybe it’s a spirit guide.

you probably thought: Oh boy does this aries have too much energy. And no, that sounds overly optimistic. Enthusiastic about the things that are happening. But not illogical. I don’t exactly meditate. Wait how did you shield again ?




We always swap stories now, notes about podcasts on spirit stories, and the occasional astrology and alien conspiracy. We always have an open ear for each other – if only because we have such wildly different points of view and we keep learning from each other. Like:

– beings that exist on other planes, aren’t necessarily good/bad they’re just on a different plane, be careful with who you deal with???


– be careful(??)

. . x weeks later . . .

DAVE! I was being a needy hoe. Guides are just higher aspects of yourself, i shouldn’t externalize all my power and look for guidance elsewhere – Other realms are just different not ‘better’. That’s just a judgement call we make on things we can’t even fully understand?? As above so below TROOLY./




It was such a personal victory for me when my bestfriend finally openly admitted that magic exists and that he was capable of doing it. He says he finally just found a medium of expression that spoke to him. BUT CAN I JUST SAY. I’M SO PROUD THAT MY BEST FIREND MAKES SIGILS and is into chaos theory. And prays in his own way now, and is more seated in his own power. I can’t express how bloody happy I was, and freaking proud to see him come home to himself.

He doesn’t beat himself up as much with words now. If only because we joke about the universe manifesting our thoughts too fast and too quickly. He accepts, and lets me send distance healing now, not only because I will not accept his crappy excuse of ‘ i think other people deserve it more‘ but because he already knows I’m concerned anyhow. And it would help me loads, if he let his etheric walls down and receive.

If anything.

He’s my cosmic barometer if I’m improving as a channeler, he lives at a dorm and most of our exchanges are actually through far distances.


– wow, that was really strong ?? I feel so focused and my surroundings feel suddenly quiet.

Walk around a bit or so some stretching your legs feel blocked, and that metaphyically that means you feel stuck in a place.

– SO. That’s why my legs are on fire! You’re getting better at this maria !



On Sister Signs

So what do I say about it now, that I find out that we’re sister signs. That an aries and a libra form part of the cosmic balance, that as an aries seeks to discover and innovate and set things on fire. The libra seeks to maintain balance, soften and think things through.

I have ten thousand side projects and dragged you into doing nanowrimo once.

I’m impressed that you live so harmoniously apart from your family, and you’re capacity to deny yourself immediate gratification. If anything you overthink, and then I’m impulsive.

I’m fire, you’re air.

You tell me that I don’t have to say yes to all my side gigs, and I tell you to start you’re gaddamn thesis already you perfectionist airsign. HEH.

I don’t really need cosmic validation with how much we fit together and to know we balance each other out. We’re learning from each other, heck i learned tarot, elemental categories and astrology because of this guy.


So HEY SWEET READER: why don’t you take some sweet time to reflect and appreciate the relationships you’re in now. Romantic or not, soulmate or not. Just slow down and see the nuances, the journey from point A to point B. Your strengths and your weaknesses. To those who are familiar, retorgrades are really a great time to review. Also. is also my go to bet for your next astro natal chart binge ✨✨✨

❤ Maalia

PS: comment me your sign and what you learned from other signs ?

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