How to use the FORCES OF HATRED to charge your potato clock/ use the power of the DARK FORCE; /and how to git gud @Shadow Work

Welcome young sith lord, tom riddle, apprentice of the dark arts. I hope you find yourself comfortable. Did you bring with you your dark ball of energy? Are you serious about comitting to the path of the scorpio and unmasking the ugliest parts of yourself?

Yes. Excellent .

Good. This will be a delicate and brave self operation and we better get to it.


Isn’t Carl Jung gonna nut. Don’t we know exactly where we hide our skeletons? It’s easy, what are the things you pray to what god that will never happen to you again? That one incident, one ex, one back-stabbing bitch your loved ones know to never bring up? What are sad bad memories did you bury alive but haven’t gotten over it?
They’ve come to say hi.

Let’s get this straight young practitioner. The fact that these things aren’t sundried and cast in the daylight means it’s still festering with power. Like a dust bunny gaining some muscle gains from all that non-dusting neglect. Your subconscious is feeding this demon, this shadow – and you’re leaking so much mana for these yoked demon bunny.

You’re over it?
How is your stomach doing? How is your body feeling when you bring that topic up? If you’re truly over it, you’re physical body (THIS EXCELLENT REPOSITORY OF SUBCONCIOUS MEMORY) will feel healthy and fine when you rebroach that topic. It will literally have zero reaction to the thing, and conscious you may even have difficulty even recalling it.

But THE FACT that you know it, the edges of it, the part that you just NOPE NOPE NOPE don’t want to get to. Means that you stored up so much energy into that time bomb, that dragon, that you’re pet has gone out of control. And it needs slaying. Taming. To come back to it’s less neurotic cute self.

How do we do that dark lord ?


Make it take a bath, with bath bombs and warm water. Clean up that closet. Pull out the weeds. I don’t know what metaphor i need to use to get through to you dear student but let me tell you -it’s quite akin to the singlepointed concentration to remove that ONE PERSISTENT STAIN OUT.

You’ve already learned about using your body as a barometer to measure your energetic feel of a situation. So let me show you how you can use this technique to transmute this situation for your metaphorical potato clock, or any of your heart’s desire. I’ve taught you this before .remember?
What’s actually magical about this is that this is like trying to solve a puzzle that you yourself made. You made all the locks and cages, you invented all of these neuroses. So even if you lament to me about how insurmountable your particular

kracken/bunny/dragon is, I will just scoff at you and say:
But you made it.
So you already know, how to fix it.
I’m just here to remind you about who made the blasted thing. Look at that oh HEY.

THAT’s YOUR energy.
“But i don’t know how to transmute it”.
Here’s some ideas.

USE YOUR WORDS. Change the language and story that you relate to the situation.
USE YOUR ACTION. Make yourself a little ritual of writing all your pain and burning it in the trashcan of metal and fire.
USE YOUR GOD AND THE SEAT OF YOUR POWER. Sit in a hyper state of All Knowing and declare to that pile of shit ‘that i made you.’ ‘You’re not real’. ‘I’m reclaiming back the power i gave you, and i feel that energy coming back to me”.
Don’t that feel good you dark lord?


The thing about up and down conviction is that there’s no turning back. There’s only re-writing your worst history as the best shit that’s ever happened to you only because ,it’s taught you to be strong. It’s taught you about your boundaries. It’s taught you about your own values and taught you to what was fucking misaligned with your life.
Now this all sounds like ponies and daisies.
BUT LET ME TELL YOU SHADOWORKER – it’s anything but.
Life is full of duality, and what’s crazy is that after you burn up one shitstorm of karma, there’s always gonna be more. One more dance. Like spring needs winter, and day needs night – you will always have some form of shadow, as long as there is light.
Lean with it, rock with it.
Transcend this DUALITY and work on your SHADOWS as much as your LIGHT.
You did good padawan


❤ Maalia


PS: got your own tips, techniques and experiences with shadowwork? How do you personify you shadows? I hear tarot readers really identify with particular tower cards of some deck arts. I like vampire ones apparently??? Would love to hear from yeah

your soul is welcome here

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