Why millenials should spend time with Ancient people; alternatively- what i learned from my lola

Hello young ones, or young at heart! Ever had a bitchy day and you just had to rant your stress away to helpful, kind and patient ear ? YEah, I get that a lot, I happen to bestfriends with my grandmother and we let each other bitch about each other’s day to gain more perspective.

For example:

Me: ”Omah. Your son (aka. my dad) is infuriating. He won’t let me go out and shit.”

My grandma (omah): ”Maria, i went to to three wakes this week. A lot of my friends are dead or keep dying. I have no one to watch this play with me, and my knee hurts like hell can you go buy the ticket. Ako libre (my treat).”

*we stare at each other

*in our weird state of symbiotic relationship

*i pick her up and watch a musical about rebellious teens. We split our popcorn and dessert.



Isn’t that instantly sobering?



Why millenials should spend time with Ancient People

01. You get to spend time with People who have given enough fucks in their lifetime, and just do whatever the hell they want. Also senior lines.

I cannot tell you how many genuinely mortifying things my grandmother has done in front of me, that she has just gone the hell and done just cause she doesn’t give a shit – or need to impress anyone anymore. Is that a celebrity ? Oh let me cut in line and talk to him. Is that a limited promo we have no way of getting ? Ah bitch let me just try talking to the manager, he looks familiar. I might have taught his dad english or something.

You from bicol? YEAH from BICOOOOL. I like your scarf – wanna trade it for my cane ?

what. the flying fuck. Okay maybe not all grannies are as eccentric as my grandma, but for everytime i doublethink my outfit descisions. I think about her. I think about how she doesn’t care how ridiculous she looks and how she’s squeezed herself into the most VIP of lines and wore the most ridiculous of shares. I wear the damn cardigan, I can give zero fucks too, thank you.

02. They have a time warped perpectives of all your little problems, that you’re FORCED to think about your life in a different way. +see your parents in a new light too.

Try explaining how instagram works to your 87 year old grandma and explain that you double tapped this really old picture of your cursh and how in our current context that means an inordinate amount of stalking and some serious anxiety/embarrassment.

Imagine “?????” As eyes. She’ll probably ask you to fix her phone again. Make you forward that quote to that person or this child they miss.

They’ll probably tell you 100years worth of lifestories they’ve encountered from their students, friends of friends about break-up, curshes, divorces and half-children. They can run circles around you telling stories of courtship, family traditions and squabbles of inheritance and talk about anxiety, embarrassment. They’ll sober you up about what it really means to live with someone long enough for either one of you being deaf or senile. You’ll rethink your IG crush, always in perfect time.

03. They’re too old to have absurd expectations from you. Their love is easily unconditional.

I don’t know if this is because of more life experience, or they’re just not directly resposible for you anymore. But the love from a really old person – is a special kind of love. They will admire and be grateful for your youth, and they will have this odd mix of resources that compliments yours.

Yes they have more money than you, but not much to do with it.

Their knees hurt – but your knees are fine.

Would you want to bake cookies with me?

I don’t know if this is a game of my grandma is better than your grandma, but god. Seriously. I think when you’re older, when you have giant neon signs of YOUR MORTALITY. Quality time just -doing simple ass shit, with people you like suddenly turns into GOLD. The most basic shit.

A nice kenny rogers song.

A good empanada.

A photo album in your ipad, or a physical album with stickers and shit.

None of the – where’s your job going? and how come you came home so late last night ? Who were you spending time with and what the hell are you doing in that weird ass hobby?

They’re just mildly (confused) and curious with your stories – then.

They just feed you???? And want to have a good time ????





Ancient people are amazing and are a national treasure.

Millenials and quite EVERYONE needs to spend more time with them. Nothing breaks my heart more when I hang out with my grandma’s bible group and half of their stories are randomly having something remind them of their children, then missing their grandchildren. They spoil me with excellent brownies and I explain to them the plot of the scifi flick we just watched. They don’t really get it but enjoy it anyhow.

In the shopping we do afterwards, my grandma does this thing:

Oh michael will like this picture of a dog. *buys picture*

(You won’t see MICHAEL IN AT LEAST THREE YEARS. He lives across the fricking Ocean)

But she puts the photo in the kitchen, as if her kid were coming home tomorrow.

fuck man.

Old people, are adorable. Please take care of them, they give you more than you’ll ever think you deserve to get.


Rock on!

❤ Maalia




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