How to completely REINVENT yourself by losing yourself for a single day.

Are you stuck in your same old routine ? Is your life boring, plain and lifeless ? MAYBE. NO, YEAH??? Not exactly. Self-knowing, and self-consciousnees discovery seems so woo woo heady. I too, cannot roll on a yoga mat, though it does looks nice to sleep in.

I have a suggestion. Why don’t we all just become batman?



STEP 1: become Batman.

Like a child just fricking pick a power animal, super hero, jessica beyonce jones who you could be for for a day. Hate yourself?? OKAY. THAT’s fine, forget that person for moment and just embody a different energy for a moment. Just, for like a full day, go full-force method actor and pretend to be a fairy while going through your day. Do it like a joke, LIKE YALL PLAYIN ON YOURSELF for the sake of sanity and insanity. Cause step number two.



STEP 2: gain perspective.

Or the old adage: you can’t get there from there. Or Einstein: you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the pakshit. Or something close to that. You need new angles and better stories with explaining your habits and personality and you bloody need new solutions. SO say hello to that new vantage point.

Get Batman to talk to you about your daddy issues. Get RuPaul to talk to you about negative self-body image. Heck, get the power rangers, or your childhood hero like cardcaptor sakura to solve your childhood meyhem for you, like they’re meant to.


Why? Cause Science, cause Carl Jung and Archetypes. Cause creative intuitive self-therapy hoo haa is just as much about play and laughter as much as it’s about geting academic on all your demons. It’s trying on different masks and energies. And yes honey it’s as easy as pretending to be batman – and letting all of this just be a game.


STEP 3: Reinvent Yourself.




Isn’t it impressive how much characters kids can embody when they’re role playing a game? The mean kid is suddenly protective being assigned as king, the shy one is suddenly a rockstar being assigned to save the princess from battle. These guys have an incredible mind-body connection where they’re not just preteding to be heroic. They ARE heroic, validly , legitimately -for that single moment and it’s bloody brilliant. And they do it – FOR FUN.

Acting and stories have always been part of ritual healing accross time and cultures. We just do it now through psycho-therapy chairs, and in the bathroom. Where we pretend to be lady gaga dancing with artpop avante garde monsters. It’s not so crazy, to lose yourself.

To loosen yourself.

To have a screw lose.

How do you think you can fit in new parts ?



You’re welcome baby,

❤ Maalia

PS: So who are you channeling today? I’d like to get some ideas, or like some masterlist post of unconventional Bastions, to get good advice. Who did you like embodying when you were a kid and have you ever tried doing that again now ?? I have a thing for elemental goddesses and this is why i cried during Moana. Would love to hear from yah

your soul is welcome here

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