Super EASY way to rethink your relationship with your EGO

What’s the EGO? Do you really understand it? You’ve got esoteric texts asking you to kill it, discard it, for enlightenment. Trying to negotiate with it, or create it before you get that level of woke. Creating a sense of Self that’s healthy but at the same time “You’re so Egotistical” is a flat out insult.

“I love my ego.

I LOVE my ego.

My ego is helpful and created for a purpose.”


How easy do those sentences slide off your tongue?

“I am not the mind”

”I am not the body”


I wholly agree. But are these things useful? Does consciousness find use in having a physical form? In its capacity to generate thought and categorize things as this or that in it’s mind? Is it useful for AWARENESS, that is your soul to occupy a body?

hell yeah.

I’m not the knife that i use when i cook but it’s damn good essential tool if i weild it well.


So it’s also useful for it to have a smaller identity compared to infinity.

wait what.

It’s useful to have an “ego”. It’s useful to have a littler ‘self’ from the INFINITE “SELF”.


There’s a point when the triangle player melts into the orchestra.

”loses himself in the greater grandeur of teh symphony”

ego death.

but is he still a triangle player ?


you bet he is.


Did he first master playing his instrument?


You bet he did. That’s the only way his consciousness can explode beyond his ego, he first mastered his point of reference, his view, his unique instrument. His role in thie unique symphony of co creation.


You know how when you start learning anything you go through the basics ? You’re taught the basic scale, you’re taught how to listen to the rhythm. You’re taught how to have proper posture on your chair when you hold your trombone or whatever.

After some time though, you master this and these basic things come to you automatically.

this is so natural.

Immediately during performance, you know how to sit well, you know how to properly pluck strings, you know where to look and listen for cues. This is already a Given.



When you get better you care about something beyond what’s written in the instruction.

The soul of a musical peice, what music means personally for you. You care about sincerity and passion. You care about the artistry and also the collaboration.


You’re not counting to look for the rhythm anymore. That’s already been made innate. You almost ‘killed’ those tiny rules already.

Correct posture ? Easy

Cleaning my instrument ? Easy.


This is the ego. This is the little self. This is how it dies.

Through MASTERY.


This is how it disappears.

It’s just not that big of a deal anymore.


But I have a question, does the musical master hate cleaning his instrument ? Hate posture? Hate consciously counting for the rhythm?

No??????? Why would he hate that? That would be so awkward for a master to not know such basic things. He would deal with them lightly. Like hodling a familiar cup or mug. Easy, everyday, familiar.

It would be weird for a fully awakened human to grip his Identity tightly.

To wage constant wars and TOUGH NEGOTIATIONS with this big bad “E-G-O” you can’t control of because the self is an illusion it must be released and whatever.

“i love my ego.

i love the functions it serves in this wkaing reality. It so bloody brilliant and amazing part of all creation and i just love being good at it. keeping my smaller slice of self healthy and happy.

i love ego, i love it’s healthy appetite for wants and power. For boundaries and disliking things. It’s natural inclinations to Experience more out of life but also keep itself safe.

i love love love love love my ego, my self”


feel that roll of your tongue.

work at it until you feel it into the deepest part of your being.

And you’ll find yourself a long lost friend






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