Me and my 10,000 side projects; how to accept and integrate yourself when you have Too Many Passions and INTERESTS

Do you feel very strongly about multiple things ?

Are you struggling with devoting time and commitment to each one, and left with NO TIME and MORE STRESS ?

Do you have a hard time with long term planning because you have this FEAR OF MISSING OUT (aka FOMO) and also huge pits of regret of all the other possibilities you sarcificed when you chose that one thing ?


well, it looks like we’re going to be friends. HAHA. AND I MAY be able to help you because by dear god this isn’t me. If you want me to prove it to you, here’s a laundry list of some serious-ass hobbies I’ve had and juggled all through my 23 ass years of life:


1.contemporary indegenous filipino music and dance which entails learning at least 15 instruments from different tribes, and this syncretic approach to choreography costume and performance. we do 10 day tours in different parts of the country I MISS GIGS A LOT.


2. nature photographer in my parent’s small farm. i’ve obsessed enough about it that i have bought botany books and pondered on minoring in landscape architecture. was once an administrator of online photog enthusiasts that sorted crit at at least 20 photos online. amateur at documentaries, i barely have time for this but i do dokum reports for gigs.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.56.12 PM.png

3. does digital marketing as a sideline for my brother’s businesses, uses her architecture degree to make publishing materials. 1/3 of foursigmatic philippines, and wanting to own up to being an entrepreneur. used to be a one woman team in my own personalized coffee business. i do stocks now and manage an airbnb for extra income.


4. tarot reader . shaman. dream walker. i have legit spoken to trees, local engkantos. i feel people’s auras, and i’ve gotten attuned to some mystery school angel stuff and what most people label as ‘lightworker’. i’m a sucker for traditional healing arts especially chinese, and seriously considering to be certified as an acupunturist(2 year masteral), and qi gong practitioner when i’m older

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.00.26 PM.png

5. has the 9-5 balls to the ground homeless NGO life, has had history of dabbling with the socialist communist anarchists punks of society. i’ve even edited and published zines, drew comics and went deep diving in articles and the language. less angry now; not less woke or sympathetic. i want to work on the solutions now, not bitch about the problem


6. i have this blog. hi! my meager web dev skills has actually designed websites for 5 NGOS now. wanna learn how to crowdfund there.


7. i’m doing two month acting intensives with people i’ve wholly loved and respected for YEARS and they will be thus eating up my weekends.


8. i have an opportunity to regularly teach salsa bachata kizomba, whose local dance scene i’m obsessed with. i love partner social dances. i get sick when i don’t get to go out dancing at least once until about 3am in the morning. i want to be paid to do this. i go abroad to study some of this shit, dance congresses are some of the happiest days of my life.


do you need me to go on ?

??you see how literally impossible it is for all of this to be done in a single day??


some stuff I’ve dropped / or used to be in the process:

1. fiction writing, comic book drawing , digital art, fanfic writing weeblord

2. dancesport competition past life

3. the typical archi corporate life/undergrad..

4. made jewelry and rosaries when i was younger

5. briefly became an overnight bird watching enthusiast

6. am a hoe for solo travel and war journalist photographers. dream job when i was 15

7. still am a hoe for Art Art; especially performance art





Step 1: Accept yourself.

Never beat yourself up for having multiple passions. Look for a personal hero who’s a polymath like da vinci or vladimir nabokov. Extremely successful in their disparate careers (novel writing, and butterfly taxonomy for vladimir, sculpture and human anatomy AND SO MUCH more for the poster boy renaissance man da vinci) with each of their passions feeding one another.

I’m from a science highschool, and an architectural graduate – so what ? that doesn’t define me.


Don’t let your educational attainments BOX YOU or give you CEILINGS, of what you can be in this life. don’t dare kill your inner voice and inner passion, and don’t even throw an inch doubt or OVERTHINKING in this partymix of passions and emotions.

You see, the reason why Apple makes such a killing is because Steve Jobs married his interest for Computer Engineering and Good Artistic Design. Birthing one of the most user friendly (he invented desktop icons) and design savvy (he introduced MULTIPLE font availability for computers which means us graphic design peeps may worship him) –  companies  that has remained relevant upto now. Art and tech.

His disparate interests ENHANCED his work. Defined his work and his genius. 

which brings me to:


Step 2: Cultivate mastery, integrate skills

So how do we, us mortals do things like that. Make our multi-passionate , easily gets bored brain into an asset ? well i’ll tell you: get creative, integrate the different things you’re interested with.


Let’s take my number 1,4, or 8. Basically (1) indegenous music and dance, (2) intuitive healing and (3) partner dancing. If you play around with how these integrate with one another i have a natural translated mastery of healing dance, maybe sound meditation, or even something as specific as ‘partner dance as a way to heal relationships, balance divine masculine and feminine energies’ NOW WOULDN’T THAT BE A CLASS.

All these really, INTERESTING, and innovative things, that wouldn’t exist within their own numbers or worlds. I bet you can find an infinite number of examples of founding fathers of fields marrying disparate disciplines to create something new , and useful. I just talked about mine, so that you feel like these happen to real actual people.

What’s even better is that, when you combine these things, you’re not just making something new and beneficial for others.




The moment i tapped in and dug deep into my personal healing practice of meditation and embodied healing, and movement. i became a better dancer – across the board. I swear almost overnight – i didn’t only feel lighter, but all my ideas came faster translated into my body faster, lines that I only dreamed of flowed effortlessly from my body as if i was racked and possessed with so much ENERGY and IDEAS. I had an exponential stage presence, i had this bigger tap of potential to unleash when i performed.

I suddenly understood a lot about myself and became more at peace with who i was and


you’re a better dancer overnight. like some download that was slapped from a different dimension. don’t ever think all progress is linear, or that all expansion can only come from one place. look at you. you have different interests. and everything is always connected somehow.

Surely you must have had an experience where your other prior (disparate) passion gave you a unique perspective to a task or endeavour.

i used to love to play with composition when i did comics, i applied the same feel for my photography and this is also how i appreciate art, architecture and film.

when i get dream visions or pictoral messages; i read the subtext of space and composition.

– how far apart i saw that person was from her symbolized goal (eg. a door). did the vision peer over her shoulder like an intimate or was it an ariel view like some unfeeling god. how big is she compared to the door ? did the camera focus on the door or the girl? that’s cinematography language, but who says spirit messages don’t talk like that ?


Step 3: Apply this to yourself. 

List all the things you’ve been genuinely interested in life. List all the things that you’re currently juggling around like the master multi-tasker that you are. AND CLUSTER THEM. Make a mind map of how they relate to each other.

Write another longer laundry list of how all your passions can make love to each other, and have sweet sweet integrative sex and see how crazy that list gets. How innovative and refreshing those marriages get. See how you’re probably the most competent person ON EARTH for all those new things.

  • the meme queen volleyball player for pinoy sports meme needs
  • the stay at home dad that does toddler-cum-garden home workouts for the DAD BOD you’d actually want
  • the leading expert, on historically Accurate movie sets, the histo buff film reviews


and even if you don’t really bank on these things as your niche expertise, it’s still really fun and interesting to do them , BECAUSE You’re finding MORE of yourself. More – youness. if you get the drift.

The essence of you, daresay you’re soul that finds it logical to even connect these things together. You may not know yet how they come together, mind you it took me YEARS, to connect intuitive healing to dancing BUT BOY. Was it ever the discovery and breakthrough you’ve never dreamed of.

It’s like coming home to yourself.

And seeing all the pieces falling into place.


And when you look back you can finally go: oh so that’s why i suddenly dropped that interest of mine because it had to evolve to that, and i had to have picked up this from there and i had to leave that to have the time and opportunity to try that thing. or to finally know that thing is mine.


it works out hon, trust me. I’ve been talking about this for a while.

and i’ve called it Shaman problems, aries energies, and for this post: MY 10,000 side projects. and you know what I’ll probably make more of them as I go through life. Isn’t that the point? To expand and grow and evolve ?


IN MY NEXT POST: how to know when to let go of something you were once very passionate about.

see ya!

ALSO. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS anyone who has this Too Many Passions syndrome, if you need someone to talk an earful out of I’m here in the comments or shoot me an email 🙂

❤ Maalia


3 thoughts on “Me and my 10,000 side projects; how to accept and integrate yourself when you have Too Many Passions and INTERESTS

  1. Nice Maalia.. you are really talented 🙂 I used to like/do so many things before but I think reality hits me that it’s not possible.. I think I would try to make a list of it all and see If I can focus on something I think I’m good at.. (para sideline haha kidding aside) 🙂

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    1. Ahaha, thanks (?) but I also think it’s a shape of a person’s energy. Like I can’t help but insatiably curious and do different things. I understand that not everyone is like that, but I also want to encourage people who can’t help but be this kind of person be at peace with themselves by just accepting it’s part of the nature of who they are.

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