Ever realized you had false memories ? What does that say about our reality ?

Ever got into an argument with your mom about a childhood memory ? Wether it happened or not ? Was it just a really vivid dream, or a story you made up for yourself because you went through childhood photos? — Did you believe it because the story that was logical or because it was planted or fabricated by someone else ?

I was talking about this with a friend the other day, how time was malleable not only in the future but also in the past.

In news stories, and as a running joke in our house, we call it “Historical Revisionism”, but what is the objective “History” in the first place ?

This theme has been explored in the classic short story Rashomon where the same events are explained and blamed on different people based on their different stories and perspective. It’s also been in a few viral infographics :



I have a favorite one (that I can’t seem to find for the life of me) that is a sideview photo of a guy doing the middle finger with a cocky face. When you see the other angle it’s him holding up three fingers with just a more than regularly cocky smile. So what’s real , really?

It speaks volumes of your perspective being your reality which I’ve also talked about here, where I suggest jumping timelines. Your consciousness shapes your reality, so what do you do when you realize one of the memories you’ve shaped your identity with is discovered to be fake – or self-fabricated ?


Is your identity still real ? Still valid ?

You’ve probably heard this in a thought experiment or a dramatic sci-fi story. What if a robot clone had all of this dead person’s memories and viewpoints and believes it to be his – is his perspectives and emotions valid ?

When someone suffers severe memory loss?

What if the person you idolized as a child turned out to be an A grade asshole, but you became a better person when you were younger becuase of the false belief? (This is Revolutionary girl utena anime, in a sentence -mind you.)

what if.


You ask your mother wether that miraculous happy day in your childhood actually happened. And just watch her say no.

Recall all the times you got in an argument with your loved ones wether he said she said what and what really happened and who’s to blame. Really sincerely question the parts of your life that you fabricated yourself. HOW MUCH OF IT, really was defined from and chiefly by your point of view ?

Be at peace with how illusory much of our reality is. We’ve dreamed the dream awake.


Ever had a personal experience of this ? Share it in the comments




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