What’s it like to be inducted into an occult mystery school and not knowing shit | On Seraphim and Angel Attunements

This is not a channeled message. Heck I’m clairsentient and sensitive enough to receive and explain messages from Spirit -but cmon fam can’t we weird light working folk just talk a bit, for a second ?

Just from weirdo to another.

Like sincerely.

Did we know half of the shit we got into ? ISN’T THAT LIKE WEIRD AND FUNNY ???

Sometimes I think about time travel and walking up to 2015 me with like a proclamation of this future. You will be inducted, attuned to the mystical arts of invoking and communicating with angels; and one of the most powerful universal organizing forces on this dimension.

It will be extraordinaly simple.

You will believe in miracles.

But extraordinarily, still have room to doubt yourself.

(you’re that much of an idiot)

You will receive mystical experiences on a daily basis to a point that it might even annoy/bore you. You don’t mean to trivialize holy fire or water trailing every moment or every place you go. >>Your heart has never felt this holy.<<

It’s just you won’t have the language to explain. Or the reference to keep pointing at things that are there and not there. Weird syncronistic things happen to you stronger and FASTER every time. You keep up and try to process.

weird dreams.


aha moments.

deja vu.


Why did you do that ?

I have a good feeling about it.

that doesn’t make much sense ?

I KNOW. I don’t know how to explain it either. it just feels right, it feels good, my gut is telling me to do it.


weird. scary.


i don’t know. it’s both the hardest and most fun thing I’ve ever learned and tried. I’ve learned about myself so much I feel like I’ve lived 10,000 years in a span of a year or two. I.



It’s funny, you can literally ask the angels for help with anything if you ask sincerely enough, and if you’re willing to grow. One time I was cramming my architectural thesis and I was getting so damn sleepy i begged Seraph (yeah big boss seraph supreme organizer of tis milky way) to fricking help me stay up. two things happened.



The chair in my room moved. really loudly. Almost immediately from me uhhh.. praying/meditating.



Sudden immistakable heat and the strongest energy I’ve ever encountered coursed through my body. It was insane. I couldn’t ask it to stop until the thesis was done, I was internally YELLING in 3 in the morning. It was moving through my belly my limbs. I was suddenly awake and on fire, like coffee – but WEIRDER. cause you were both high and panicking because WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID I JUST ASK FOR ??? AND IS THIS FUCKING REAL >???


My mom was shit scared because she thinks only devils move furniture.


(1) I fricking finished the thesis on time.

(2) Big boi Seraph shows up. Seraph shows up BIG TIME. What else ? I met archangel Raphael in a dream once. He was so blindingly bright he was like a sun in the dream vision. I couldn’t even look ta him straight and had to peer at him with the side of my eye. He was so intimidating and overwhelming and freaking dumbfounding I still get chills thinking about his visit – now now now- I get that each one of the angels show up differently for each person. but wow. just.

angels. okay.



When I sent healing to my grandad’s brother who suffered a stroke. He said he saw angels visit him in his half sleep and had this awestruck look in his face. He sleeps better when I channel energy.

Uh errr. Yeah, (I was invoking them.) and umm yeah (they’re part of our living reality and can help up with literally anything if you let them) BUT THAT’S THE CATCH.


I’m not here to evangelize anyone or jackshit, but really for the universe to help you you need to help yourself. The biggest thing I learned from all this woo woo energy is that the best person who will solve all your problems is yourself. Cause you made this mess, and you know yourself best.

That the love you are capable of giving yourself is THE single most powerful things that is both patient and strong, kind and beautiful. A muscle to be practiced but also easily infinite like the stars. YOU, you are the answer always. You your consciousness that is allowed every single possibility, self-hate and self-love and you got some weird ass divine free will that let’s you pick a preference.

so gaddamn pick already. you’re right all the time



. NOW .

Why’s it called a mystery school? why is this part of occultism or hidden knowledge ? Is anything weird always shrouded with shame or is the secrecy part of the fun ?

Well to be honest with you, it’s really simple.

Attunements, can be intense and it’s just safer that only seekers receive this kind of big ass energy, because they actually prepared for it. Consciously or in a subconscious level. We’re no special, it’s just a safety valve.

Imagine your energy body being suddenly jacked to high voltage etheric electricity and suddenly your internal blocks are busted out like thick VERY REAL karma manifesting in your life, and you don’t know what to do. Because the life you thought you had, is suddenly in shambles.

It’s like a strong wind is blowing through your dusty closets trying to clean them out and you gotta be ready for all the upturned dirt, the resurrected shit, and be able to shepherd all of your bullshit in giant trash bags, with an inner knowing that YOU CAN. Get through this. You deserve a cleaner space.

Mind you getting / practicing anything metaphysically oriented, like a crystal or an orgonite can have similiar effects especially if you’re open to the deep seated healings. The day I grounded/cleared our entire house, it was a full on two weeks of very hostile and tense family members dealing with the most messed up and absurd conflated fears. then.



(Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint) Attunements feel like that. But think instead of feng shui and or energy cleaning for your house you’re cleaning your internal world. You’re view of yourself in the place in the world. your belief in humanity, your belief in yourself. your relationship with your ego. All of life’s biggest question suddenly slapped into the fore front when you have a visceral taste of divine Grace or even the slightest sliver of awakening/enlightenment.

it’s very crazy.

This is why we have pseudonyms, or why such amazing things like Seraphim walking amongst us are kept a secret or just not popular.


Imagine that. Infinite love, not mainstream cause we can’t handle cleaning out the bullshit we keep in ourselves, and I don’t even blame you. I can tell where my own internal bullshit is and even I have a hard time cleaning that out. It really stubborn. (I’m) really stubborn.



You can definitely inducted into a mystery school without knowing it consciously, but you will have and would’ve been subconsciously prepared/chosen. It’s all perfect and okay and fine, trust me from someone who has personally gone through this crey.

You’re always going to be ready, you’re always going to be capable of having the most awesome healing for yourself if you’re open to it. The expressions and experiences are all unique and infinite and this is just mine.

My brother (the capricorn) also had a seraphim attunement , but he seems to be unwinding his karma via relationships and not going on a particularly spiritual bender. and THAT’S FINE. (it super fits him too, he’s got a lot to learn about love). You always get what you need, and angel energy is just awesome that way.

Life’s never been more surreal and sweet.


haha, see you later loves,



Got your own wack angel stories ? tell me in the comments.


PS //My best friend grew up baptist(?) and had angel healings and archangels channeling as a religous norm. but he hates the dogma surrounded by it. so he’s (kind of)unimpressed with angel stories, cause he’s like ofcourse that happens. haha I love him to death cause this is all normal to him and this is all crazy for me.

I too, also tend to be uncomfortable with a lot of religous dogma (this is wrong, those people are not saved etc etc) but I do understand the comforts of faith. I mean I’ll probably write a blog about the metaphysical mechanics of devotion, faith and surrender.

How all of that works and why it operates the way it does. Heck I love sufism and that’s all about insane ass surrender. So I guess I can relate to both non-believers and believers on a very personal level. I find them both beautiful. And all the shit-talking is wasting everyone’s time, i talk to everyone- y’all welcome to comment yer angel stories no matter what point of view you’re coming from. you’re great. I love you. see ya.


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