Simple explanation of how MAGICK works, and how to teach it

So you have a friend who’s interested in Magick, for their own healing.

Wanting to take their fate in their own hands, and making their own kind of luck. They know you do <insert applicable nouns here: energy healing, psychic readings, shamanic processes>  and want to hear you explain it. But the problem is: where do you even start?

Do you start with explaining quantum physics ? With a personal account of your own awakening ? do you pull out a grimoire, essential oils and a few dozen mantras and just go dive right into the deep end ? You could. but you could really use this simple explanation.


01. The limbic brain is the oldest part of our brain, located in it’s very center. Here’s a TED talk about it.

02. It has the densest occurrence of nerve synapses and is charge of our deepest wiring as humans. It holds our subconsciousness, our emotions and our most fundamental decisions and beliefs about ourselves.

03. It is NOT in charge of rational thinking, language or cold logic. Those are all in the newer parts of the brain.



For example:

You logically know that your relationship with person X is over and not good for you anymore. You have explained it to yourself a thousand times but internally it’s like your spirit hasn’t moved yet. So what do you do ?

You set all the things that represented your relationship on fire. It wasn’t logical exactly, but it felt really good to the bottom of your gut. Something about fire is just so primarily cleansing, and all consuming that seeing, smelling, feeling the ashes of that failed relationship just helped you finally be DONE, with it.

Did you see that ?


That’s magick. You spoke intuitive , non-logical language to the deepest part of your “self”  for it to finally understand or do something. It’s like inception, where you go to the deeper levels of your psyche and plant an idea that would ripple out to your waking world.

That exactly how magick works, that’s how meditation works, that’s how ALL forms of intuitive, energetic, shamanic healing ANYTHING works.

And yes you’re right about the thing you noticed.


Normal people do it every day.

If I use the same pencil I studied with on exam day I’ll remember everything / when I see this book my mother gave me it’s like she’s never really gone and I remember her love for me.. / St. Agustine, pray for us.

All of those, all valid and forms of Magick.

You don’t even have to call it Magick, call it faith, call it Neuro Linguistic Programming, call it ‘Psyching yourself up’, it doesn’t matter. It all operates under the same explanation. Your limbic brain, doesn’t do logic. And you need to find a way to talk to it.


That’s my best and most simple explanation of it.


Here’s some posts I made about how I talk to my limbic brain. But always remember since it’s your brain your talking to you can always create your own methods and adjust to your own preferences. It’ll still work.

How to go on a vision journey, and get answers from other realms

How to logically accept/expect Miracles and challenge your Impossible

How to not feel “fake” when you say affirmations


Til next time!



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