3 Ideas for Reiki Writing

Writing can be a deeply healing and spiritual act, and for most reiki practitioners, writing intentions is a not so foreign idea. Most of us are encouraged to have a reiki box where we can place slips or even pages or paper, to better direct and send healing energies.


Here are 3 more ideas, that I’ve found helpful on my own journey, that will help deepen and expand you own writing, healing journeys – through Reiki. For all items, center yourself with your usual practice, with the most loving intention and releasing all expectation, being committed in the work.


  1. Use REIKI on your old journals and memories.

Go through your storage room and boxes and look for those dusty, and more importantly, repressed and painful memories. We’re not here to reopen these wounds, but here to send love and see them in a new light. You may find old childhood toys, but also very potent journals and diaries. Now.


Some people may prefer physically burning the things that they are letting go of. Alternatively, you can also use a thick colorful marker to mark the beginning and end pages of journals (and past selves) as if marking the memory as healed and/or release.


What’s the value of the physical act of writing on the actual journals? Versus say, picturing them in your mind’s eye?


The physical object, is a strong visceral hook to your past selves and your memories. It has a kinesthetic weight, size, color and even smell that are embedded in your subconscious memory. The specificity of finding your very particular journal, that particular difficult journal entry in your teenage years, can be very potent, especially for people who benefit from very embodied healing. Naturally progressing from that..


  1. Use REIKI for letters you can never send

We all have them. Things we wish we could say to people who have passed away, or to people we have no way of reaching anymore. Writing can be very cathartic, and one of the most sentimentally cliche things to do in a retreat.


Do it, except this time, channel the highest and deepest reiki you can muster. I assure you, you will find larger blocks to move inside of yourself, and this is my personal encouragement for you to be brave.


Set aside the time and space to do this. Write those letters, mean every word. The people we’ve lost and drifted apart from, are never really lost. We are all connected and in the grander scheme of things, are ONE. Sandwich these letters in anthakaranas, etheric rainbow bridges (you can read more about those here- HYPERLINK https://reikirays.com/26314/healing-with-antahkarana-symbol/ ) and consider them stamped with etheric postage.


Remain open after doing this, send reiki even days after doing this and I assure you you’ll get answers. You’ll find new insight, find new trains of thought of why what happened, happened and how it made you grow as a person. Send a thankyou note after and know they’re always one love letter away. (Read more on automatic writing here).-HYPERLINK https://reikirays.com/22751/reiki-automatic-writing-instant-guidance/




  1. Use REIKI on reminders to self, post it notes around your office and your living space


Most of us may be already have framed affirmations surrounding the spaces we’re working in. But again, similiar to item 1, personally writing these down helps it be more real and personally phrased for the writer.


Post-it notes help us place these intentions in easy to see and specific places, and also remind us that us that habitual thoughts can be meaningful, funny and helpful all at the same time. One of my favorite ‘reiki post-its’ is one I made for my brother where I drew a play button “x” and wrote “PRESS X TO LET GO” that he has on his whiteboard/to-do-list. Let go of stress, let go of worry, let go of quite literally anything.


I drew a cute tiny character from a videogame we both liked. (Link from Legend of Zelda, in case you want to know) Doing a huge *INHALE, *EXHALE action shot, in two panels and one of the best reiki’d objects I have yet. I personally have a “MONEY IS ENERGY” in my bedroom door and you could really go anywhere and be super creative with this.

That’s all for now and I hope you liked these ideas! Comment below your experiences or if you have any more ideas to reiki infuse any healing writing practices to add to this list. Thanks so much for reading.

your soul is welcome here

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