How to always know what your clairsenses are trying to telling you.


Maybe you’ve had that feeling. Your spider senses are tingling, you know in your gut this certain physical sensation is important and trying to say something — but you have no clue what.


Maybe, after doing self-reiki or offering reiki you would google the weird thing that just happened.


“red dots floating during deep meditation“




“metaphysical meaning of right hip.. energy blockage“


You look up contradictory meanings on the internet, all from very valid different spiritual references. Here’s the energy body according to traditional chinese medicine, here’s what that means according to chakra colors and ayuverda. Put in some western mystical traditions, and oh, by the way. Your reiki-master, who you love and adore has a different theory.


Now, who’s right? What does this all mean ? How do we get answers??


Ok hold up for a second.


You could ALL, be right. But how about let’s think of this in a different way.



You and your best friend made a secret coded language that only the two of you know. Codename “popsicle”, for that special crush you had back in second year high school. Yeah that one, the super evocative, personal nickname that only the two of you knew and understood, that acted as both as a shorthand for he’s a “cool guy” and his actual name that starts with a “p” . YUP. that one.


That’s how spirit talks to you.


Personal meaning and associations in a language where you’re really the best person ‘to get it’. You’re the best equipped and most qualified person to interpret whatever sensation, message and image you got from the session. You. Because, guess what, you’re the one who received it.



So without consulting your nearest chakra bible, why don’t you consult yourself ?


What does that body part mean to me? Ask yourself sincerely: What do I first think about or associate with when I think about that ? What did the pain / warmth / etc.  feel like ? What did it remind you of suddenly ?


The connections doesn’t have to make logical sense, it just has to makes sense to you. Come in with the assumption that you’re fully capable of figuring out, what you’re supposed to figure out at this point in time. And that you’re open to receiving it.


Whatever you get–  don’t discredit it.



How do you check if the meaning you got was right ?


Sit with it, sit with your own explanation and meaning and kinda play around with it in your head. Like solving and playing a puzzle. If it meant this, then maybe it embodied this part of the issue or…, and just keep on adjusting.


You could even do a rapid shuffle of mental images, like entering a million extra tickets to the lottery. Here are a huge amount of guesses in my mind and let’s see which one pops up, – energetically. One often does, and it feels like a sudden rush of certainty, a yeah, that feels right.


You don’t always have to ask google or refer to a mentor or book. Not everything has a one to one correspondence in spirit, so be open to having a personal language that is unique to yourself, your inner wisdom and practice.


You can interpret signs, and you only have to be yourself, since it was for you.


Much love,




Read more on the types of psychic senses here. (HYPERLINK: )

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