Absolutely free amazing things that noone seems to be availing of – papa universe

the sunset. I give you a mother fuckiung sunrise and sunset every time but you never even look at it. Clouds are nice as hell. how much time are you staring at clouds ?


i worked hard on those.

deep relaxing breaths. I gave you gaddamn lungs right? You could ease up you neck and shoulders right?? that’s literally a billion dollars worth of ferrari bio engineering and most of ya don’t even know how to breathe into your balls and your diaphragms. fricking disgrace.

self induced foot massages. I swear just 2 hours of dedicated foot reflexology to a justin timberlake album. nice essential oils?? lotions ?? soaps. good lord. just imagine a hot guy giving you a nice intimate foot massage and good god you are welcome.


all yer favorite things probably pirateable on the internet. ALL OF EM.




I’d like to remind you of that. also.

education. Do you know that you could learn how to make your own kimchi from youtube?or live viscerally through ant colony farmers who post their weirdly relaxing videos on youtube? All your gaddamn niche interest in this convenient pile of convenient trash and we’re just gonna bawl about it.

yea all your nichey kinks and obsessions. just onconditionally existing on the internet. i want you to spazz about that somtimes.


your wounds fix themselves. i mean your body does that shit without much instruction. i dont see u appreciating that shit.

your own gaddamn creativity. you never run out of excuses? you make scenarios out of nowhere and that runs on something doesn’t it ? creative spark? consciousness??

i dont know. it seems like . i pull a lot of uncredited work for around here and the least that could happen is for people to AVAIL OF THEM.






c yah,

papa uni

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