Fun! Cheap, DIY Psycho-therapy


To regular readers of my blog, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been writing reiki articles for and I can’t publish the stuff I’m writing over there until they’ve posted it. I’ll publish those articles over here too, when I can.


To new people: hi there!

I’m in no way shape or form a licensed psycho-therapist, psychologist medical hoo-haa.

What I can assure you is that I’m obsessed with the topic of self-healing and this method I’m sharing with you right now, is not only accessible to everybody but is versatile and effective to work through all kinds of LONG STANDING traumas and problems.

Are you ready?


STEP 1: Identify a person, or hero you admire.

This can be a real person or not. Living or dead, doesn’t matter. Just pick someone who embodies the values and attributes you admire and aspire to be. It can be Jesus Christ or Beyonce, someone who is the anti-thesis of the issues and conflicts you’re dealing with. Someone who embodies positive character traits, someone you love enough you can imagine them in a story. Someone YOU love.

Have one?



STEP 2: Write them into a conflict. A plot or issue that is similar to what you’re going through.

If they’re not a teenager, write a version of them that’s a teenager. If they don’t have parents and history like yours, write a thinly veiled alternate universe and daydream the scenarios in your head. Mash it up. Get crazy, include some extra characters. Get your favorite war time heroes as consultants. See them solve YOUR problem.

And see your problem as finite. As a a point for conflict in the story, but something your favorite hero wins against. Did they ask for help? Where did they draw their strength? What did they have to learn to get over this ?


STEP 3: How did they solve your problem?

See it, clearly in your mind.

Did they have a dramatic confrontation with their long lost brother? Did they do a training montage and screamed in the rain? Did they ask help from their old mentor drinking tea in the mountains ?

Now translate that for you.

You in your real life. How could you , like <your character> do <the thing that helped them resolve their issues> in this reality ? Who’s your equivalent of a mentor to talk to ? What equivalent ritual can you do for yourself to be over this and that ?

Translate it, get creative.


As I’ve explained in (Simple explanation of how MAGICK works) the older part of our brains talks in images and emotions. It’s also the one with a denser brain synapses and this deep seated way to program ourselves. Sometimes just seeing similar enough problems being solved – already helps us believe and SEE that OUR PROBLEMS CAN be solved.

Even if it’s a thinly veiled story telling device. Living viscerally through the ingenuity and courage of our favorite heroes is some fun, cheap DIY psycho-therapy.


I’ve solved some of my deepest questions about my own life and descisions through this simple exercise. I hope it gives you the same light.





your soul is welcome here

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