What to do if you’re hearing voices in your head

This is for everyone who was diagnosed with auditory hallucinations and psychotic disorders. Anyone who has been medically labelled or shamed in being different. Here I offer you a different perspective on what you may be experiencing, one that has the existence of spirit tied into it.

let’s begin.


I had a theater classmate who’s diagnosed with schizophrenia.

She had a weak aura about her and when she said the phrase “I’m bullied because I hear other voices in my head and I’m scared.” in class intros, something in me snapped – something crossed with rage and indignation.


Quick facts:


My bestfriend is a clairaudient and can hear voices too. It’s a psychic ability that he’s slowly learned to control and I’ve never been more proud of him. He occasionally hears people’s thoughts and some advice from beyond (angels? spirit guides?) and I find it to be one of the wildest cutest things to happen to another person.


My mentor has strong ass clairaudient abilities that one time she finished writing the suicide note of this girl who killed herself too fast. She helped both the girl and the family move on from the incident and helped her cross over to the light. She’s this literal urban shaman and she gets super accurate information from different psychic abilities. She’s bipolar and very healthy about it!


One time. When I was doing a tarot reading, I had the nagging phrase of “SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSET” just jumping in my brain. Even if I was doing the reading in full filipino, I blurted that exact phrase  to my client. Then she asked: how the hell did I know the theme of the art show that she was thinking of leaving her art career with. I was like, i… heard it ?


I’ve lived with too many experiences where psychic abilities did a lot of good and bring a lot of comfort , that hearing people being otherwise tortured with the “gift” just gets on my nerves.

Not to make you feel like you’re a special potato or anything, but in buddhism these extra senses are called a “siddhis” or in abrahamic traditions “gifts of the holy spirit” and so on and so forth. Simply put, monks pray, train and meditate to have the gifts you have! And you’re literally born with it, won’t you look at that!

Now occult canon states, that having these abilities are just carry overs from your past lives. (if you believe in past lives). And you tend to be born in families with a history of them (uncles that were psychic, relatives who did magic or were faith healers) so that your soul would have an easier time understanding your own abilities.



Having extrasensory abilities is this in your face constant reminder that everything is connected. It doesn’t make you holier or superior than other people. You can watch the anime Mob Psycho 100 to get that moral lesson. Or read my longer article here. 



Getting back to you hearing voices.


You’re probably worried about it cause you’re hearing really crappy things or experiencing really horrible and heavy energy. So here’s some psychic protection 101.

01. You have free will, literal arch angels cannot so ever TOUCH you without your express consent. When they say man was made from the image of God they meant you were also a CREATE. You have the will to create your reality.

02. SO DECIDE. DECIDE that you don’t want unhelpful heavy shit to enter your experience. Just say it and mean it and it’s done.

03. If you want a scientific explanation, have you heard of quantum theory? The whole the cat is both dead and not dead until you look? The whole, the observer, by merely looking at the thing, turning on the light, sending photons, already moves the quantum particle?

04. Or how light if both a particle and a wave. Literally opposite behaviours, each one only appearing depending on the experimental set-up. Depending on HOW you observe light in the first place. Read more here.

05. So spirit works like that.

06. You have to say “I’m only available to hear the most helpful, loving and fully enlightened voices in my head and no other beings are allowed to speak or enter.” Literally have an admittance criteria.

07. Pray to your God.

08. LEARN TO MEDITATE. LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND TO CALM YOURSELF DOWN. This is very important groundwork with any psychic or spiritual experience.

09. Do Basic Shielding. See in your mind’s eye the strongest white bubble of protection you could ever possibly imagine. Then multiply that by two. Then three. Count up to a hundred until you’re an onion of totally nice and clean aura. You may also google psychic shielding techniques and what not. Just find out what works for you. I just happen to like counting a lot.



Last tip. You’re not alone. One of the most relieving things that could ever happen to me was to find people who were totally sane but had a similiar degree of weird ass experiences as me. (I had rain pouring over me for two months wether I was indoors or outdoors) SO I COMPLETELY. WHOLEHEARTEDLY understand how scary and INSANE this all feels. You’re hearing voices and other people aren’t, it’s really crazy creepy and you want to bang your head in the wall.




Now when I did a reading for my theater classmate, I felt how oppressive the voices were. They sounded like fighting angry chants from a long time gone. I think they’re geographical voices that just latched unto her because she could hear them. Not because she’s the one! and she needs to be told and annoyed to death with these voices.

I asked the voices to go away. And after asking them a few more times, I felt the energy ebb away. What’s more important was that my classmate had real life good examples of people living with these kinds of experiences and thriving. I hope I can do the same for you.


Feel free to leave in the comments when and how you’re hearing voices and I’ll do my best to read and help what’s going on for your situation.


Til next time!




One thought on “What to do if you’re hearing voices in your head

  1. I hear murmur’s for sure. Like , a conversation just out of range… The radio just on so ,you know the tune but can’t make out the words. I made the mistake of telling my man about the voices….. That Did. Not. Go. Well. Took a min to convince him I was was okay haahahaa!! I was freaked out for a time when it started happening more often. I blocked myself pretty hard when I was young. I’ve been peeling back the layers a bit at a time. Holding too much fear to be honest. Too pussy to just rip that fuker down. Anyhoo , great blog!!!!


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