Reiki and Shamanic Puzzles

It is common for intuitive healers to visualize when sending energy or to “see with their mind’s eye”. Sometimes, we even receive psychic messages when our clairsenses develop. We interpret the meanings of these messages (here’s my article on it: but we’re not really taught to “do” anything to the images after.


For example, if you body scanned and felt a root chakra block, you might see it as boulder. Now you you might go with the suggestions of healing root chakra blocks such as drumming and carmelite crystals, but what about rolling the boulder away? Seeing it roll away, like you were solving a shamanic puzzle.


Now you won’t always get it in the first try, but that’s the whole appeal of treating it as a puzzle. What if you first visualize the boulder as being more smooth and spherical ? So that it has an easier time to roll away. You can imagine it crumbling through the desserts of time. You can imagine your favorite archangel or superhero stabbing it away.


Like a toolbelt in your internal psychic surgery hands, you’ll find reliable visualizations that resonate with you consistently, that are so visceral in your minds eye that the reiki just flows faster when you picture the blocks resolving that way.


Some tools you can try and play with:

— different ways to expel (Imagine trash exiting the energetic body, in lightning speed and growing intensity, see it already at the turning point of leaving the body instead of starting from the center. Make it as vivid in your imagination as possible, incinerate the trash of HSZSHN to larger grounding planes)

different ways to send energy ( Experiment with waterfalls vs a bath of fire vs seeing the body as light as a cloud. Different images evoke different images and themes and depending on the issue and your personal experience, your power place, and kinds of healing needed will vary.)

different ways to relax (Hypnosis videos are really good at this, and I recommend listening to them at youtube. My favorite has to be imagining yourself as tight ball of yarn unwinding into a loose string)

different ways to shield ( You can use mirrors , colors, summoning angels and whichever you hold sacred)


What I encourage you to do is to personalize them. Really experiment to find what works for you, and the puzzle you’re working on. If an image of a block or an issue isn’t budging, try to get creative with the problem. Change it’s size and angle in your mind, play with different elements, really observe how the image is reacting to your visualizations.


You can even ask spirit more information on the block by visualizing a knife slicing the issue open, or asking for a different representation of the block. Really treat this as a puzzle, because these images aren’t carved in stone. They’re from spirit, interact with it.


Once you found a ‘solution’ to the puzzle, trust that it is planted in the subconscious. Later on it will queue greater healing and almost act like a tailor-fit program, of what kind of healing you’re sending to yourself or others.



‘Til next time,


your soul is welcome here

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