A reiki attunement is the best thing that can happen to you, if you let it.

A reiki attunement is the best thing that can happen to you, if you let it.


What is an attunement really?

A Reiki attunement is hard to explain accurately, but simply put: It is an energetic upgrade to your interior landscape.


Now, understand that we come into this world with fully developed outward-oriented senses but not much for our inner-oriented ones. For the most part, without much effort, we are senstive to detecting colors, light, heat, smells, sounds etc.


But when it comes to our internal landscapes ? Our internal states, levels of self- awareness? Is this food, thought, reasoning good for me ? You could say we’re downright numb to what our internal needs are. We’re in this crazy world were it’s normalized to be caught in thought loops, numerous vices, past traumas or anxious futures. These all belong to our internal realm, and a sensitivity to this is learned, not inborn.


What reiki does is that it helps you access dimensional energies that help you turn inward, because it’s of that dimension. Call it higher realms, quantum physics, whatever you want to call it, it’s effects are that it balances your internal world so that your external world would fare better. As the old adage: as above, so below.


So what?


Think about it this way, you get a foundational upgrade to your internal landscape. Across the board, wether it be your self-awareness, your feelings your belief systems – all of it. If you didn’t beleive energy followed thought, then oh boy are you in for a huge change in world view. This can change your life, literally.


The real question is how much you’d let it, how much you’d allow the allow the energy to be channelled.


To be honest when I went through my attunement I went through what felt like years of transformations, that just when you thought there’s nothing left you could possibly process, the rug is pulled right under you. Negative body image, long held phobias traumas, frought relationships with your parents, siblings, anxieties of being financially and emotionally independent –  all of it. None stop. Additional tools pop-up along the way, and you barely recognize yourself in a span of a few months/years, being in a better place mentally, emotionally, phsically, spiritually.


There’s literally no ceiling. If you told me three years ago you will gain access to a channeled energy that can let you have, do, be anything you want and that the only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. – I’d say, you gotta be kidding me. But it’s true, you are the only person in the way of becoming  you. My ‘impossible’ has been redefined too many times in the past few years, that to say otherwise would be me barefaced lying about what I’ve actually have come to experience. You only need to be brave enough to claim it.


How about you take a review.


What have been your personal breakthroughs since having a reiki attunements ? What was it like right before the change and after ? Did life change in an instant ? If that has happened once, what’s stopping you from letting that shift happen to you again? Are you growing or are you stuck?


How can you make this the best thing to happen to you, or the best thing to continue to be happening to you ? There is no ceiling to what can be healed, allow the change.


Would love to hear about your own journeys! ‘Til next time,



your soul is welcome here

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