Why does an ALL-LOVING God allow bad things to happen ?

It took us a bit to get there, but one of the younger kids I mentor messaged me this via chat.

Do you believe in God?

I think it was an interesting conversation so I’ll post about it here somewhat abbreviated.


My answer to the first one was : yes, but not in the traditional sense, but you can say I do. (God is all that is, all of experience is Godness is infinite and so forth..)

N: Is God’s plan Real ?

Why did God create us so imperfectly ?

If God is all knowing, all GOD and all powerful, why can’t He intervene things like an innocent baby being killed ? Why can’t he save the baby like make a cop “accidentally” show up or connect with bad guy ? Or even if it’s not street murders even preventing bombings ? Aren’t a thousand kids enough for God’s help ? I know it’s cause people are greedy and stupid but is it fair na a lot of innocents pay for it ? And I know the main argument is “God gave us free will”-


OK question.

Science experiment: If all variables remain the same, you’re observing an object. Like a rock. Absolutely nothing changes. Did time happen ?

Or say you’re observing this huge white, formless expanse. No matter how you zoom in and zoom out, look one way or another you have this sameness. Does space exist in this reality ?

What  do you think ? Hindi diba? It’s not there.

You don’t have reference for motion or observable change.

So the value of the play of contrast and duality is that you have things like time and space.

We live in that reality.

So there’s life death justice and injustice.

There’s god even in death (?)

AND suffering / “evil”

Because he/it is everything

All powerful

By definition, can do anything

Even suffering

You think he can’t create pain ? THINK AGAIN!


But if He’s all god ? Why would he ?


There’s all love in death also. And even ‘goodness’ in endings’

I mean I hate mass suffering as much as the next person

But the wounds of a society define its healers ?

The carpenter needs a broken door

The chef needs a hungry stomach

To express our gifts ? There must also be a contrast which (we can interpret) as suffering

It’s “creation” and if he’s omnipowerful chuchu

This kind of creation, he should be capable of so why not


Like yin and yang?


Yea, though it’s a concept also in sufism

the carpenter needing a broken door

Or the sick sheep exalting a good Sheppard

Something like that

Like we get to embody god if we choose to be part of the process that also changes or heals things. Part of the dance.


I see

So purpose


It’s not some geolocational up there or whatever, like the healing/self healing is born within you so it’s not really “unfair” or  God “didn’t do anything”


If everyone was perfect

There wouldn’t be doctors


There wouldn’t be change/ expansion ?


Purpose, one of the most essential things to man


Which is self-written also, which makes it cool




But yeah I think a world that is without suffering would entail “perfection” and no purpose and ultimately lead to sadness in humans


That’s only a shallow part of what you’re saying

A lot of suffering is manmade

Pain is a must suffering is optional etc

Life victor frankl in a nazi camp experiencing bliss


Victor frankl?

Pyschologist! Look him up he’s cool



Oh… my

He makes sense

Like …i get what you mean

And it’s human fault when we whine about it instead of finding meaning in it…

I see what’s wrong

When I argue with people

99% of the time

They believe everything must be good

And if that thinking doesn’t work out

They question God

If that doesn’t work out

They question humans

Leading back to questioning God for creating humans


Haha yea! We have a f*cked up mentality about death , chaos and suffering


The first premise is wrong

There can’t be

Perfectly good

Good and bad work hand in hand

And that’s just, How it is.

I think that the “ God’s plan”


It’s like you’re blind with what’s there.

I mean if you’re in soul form in god’s hear okay yeah sure all encompassing oneness.

But fam we’re in meat realm

Contrast oh helllo

Pain and like time and like DIFFERENCES so play the game. See the rules, don’t lie to yoself

Haha, yea





Interesting right ?

Life’s been both beautiful and surreal. Just now I woke up with a full on hippie sending me channeled messages on viber and I think it’s the cutest thing. I don’t know if he’s enlightened as he claims to be, but he has this beautiful energy so chat, why not ? I myself am figuring my own stuff out, at my own pace. I don’t claim to know everything but I have found out some helpful trains of thought so let’s just post them online.


Til next time,



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