I have an energy vortex/spot on my bed

This post has been a long time brewing. Because to be honest my bed and it’s weird energy has been a conundrum of mine since 2016 (I’m writing this in 2018) and I’ve shifted and migrated to different explanations as time has passed and I think I’ve finally come to conclusion of :

  1. Y’all I Don’t Understand Anything
  2. But Fam That’s the Point.

If you’ve been working with magic, and energy and weird awakening hoohaa and feel like you completely comprehend everything that’s happening to you. Well um, you’re probably not doing it right. Because a lot of these things are beyond comprehension but they still make a good story.

So here’s mine.


One day, I woke up as energetically sensitive. And got into Reiki, Meditation, crystals and the new age works.

I learned that space we move in has memory. Whatever you do in a certain place has energetic momentum and the place remembers it to a certain extent. That’s why we build temples over places hold people are enlightened in. It’s a good spot.

And the spot I meditated a lot on (which is my bed) feels different. There would be spontaneous raindrops falling and washing over my head. Heck, it’s increased through time, and now every time I just go in my room I would feel like it’s raining.

Through time I’ve associated this rain with good juju, good vibes, mana, chi, take your pick. I’ve felt it when people spoke their truths, when people had gorgeous auras and were giving legitimately good blessings, Actual Holy People, people who knew how to surrender and just exploded into Light. Trees also have them, this really nice energy. They’re generally healing and relaxing. Crystals too to some extent.



Anyway. So my bed, over my head has this specific spot that’s just energetically Jacked.

By design, to some extent. I mean when I got into all of this stuff, I placed crystals beneath my bed, blessing them with good intentions. I’ve placed one of my most powerful tools, the anthakarana (rainbow bridge, which you can find in my other posts or the special collection or ..google) – with multiple copies under my bed.

I’ve found that anthakaranas are like these blasters in terms of your energetic body. And according to esoteric lingo and texts “helps your higher self have a stronger bridge to you smaller self” and so forth. And since I figured that sleep was really deep meditation or your light body going on in adventures, maybe anthakarans doing their good juju work while I’m asleep wasn’t a bad idea..

And damn. They worked ?

My back ache is gone. I feel lighter in the morning. And what’s crazier is that I feel like I go on instatneous OBEs. Vivid lucid crazy dreams of archangels on fire, different dimensions, a few instances of peaking into the future. A lot of karma processing.



This understandably lead to me researching a lot on types of dreams in spiritual texts. And cross-referencing all the things I’ve read it’s basically: (1) Your soul is processing the shit you’ve done or still want (aka karma) and doing it in convenient no-body just-dream format. (2) You receive messages.

Type 2 is rarer, but you get it more often the less shit you have in Type 1. I’ve blogged about some of the messages I’ve received via dream (a guide telling me to be more creative, or just live my life from an undead beyonce, very personal symbols)

I’ve also come to learn how to program dreams or request info, or even how to properly calm and lull myself to sleep because of how impressionable my dreams were if I were to sleep angry or not resolve something I was avoiding in real life.

It came to a point that I thought my bed is a portal. (it isn’t).It’s just a really energetically strong spot. Now texts contradict each other on wether to sleep in places like this is good for you or advisable. For native americans, you can have power spots where you can receive messages from guides (relatable). People do retreats in known power places like sedona. ON THE OTHER HAND, in dowsing theory, positive energy vortices are very YANG, they recharge. But they would also not let you feel like you’re resting. (relatable STILL).



I mean I would have really vivid long dreams but some days I’d feel like I didn’t sleep. That this life was the dream and that was reality. I even had a house there that felt familiar and everything. There was this bout of a few months were it was really really really bad. I couldn’t sleep well, everything was just so intense and I was just sleeping on the floor to sleep away from the energy spot.

At one point I just commanded what spirits assisted me in setting up the energies TO PACK UP. AND LIKE SEND ALL OF THIS EXTRA ENERGY TO MARAWI (a disaster area in our country at that time) AND BE DONE WITH ME. And in a single snap it’s like the energy folded into itself and really did feel like it was sent away. I learned the hard way that well all you energy jazz is very programmable. All you have to do is ASK. YOU NEED TO ASK THOUGH.

So these days, I clearly and slowly prompt myself to have restful and bodily nourishing sleep when I fall into bed. If I don’t go through these steps my dreams can be too adventurous and I feel like I lived two weeks instead of one night. I mean I do recognize that dream practice is nice and all but sometimes I do really just want rest.



Also worthy of note is that in some yogic practices, when you reach a level of awareness and calm in your general life, your need for sleep lessens. I’ve also become really more self-aware with what’s going on with my energy body. My clairsentience is crazy. And I’ve come into terms that sometimes my system is just adjusting to so much MORE energy and so much clearing that I’m just gonna be awake for a few more hours, while my body is just drinking in all of that juice.

I just don’t fight it anymore. I mean it’s not like I’m sleepless and stressed about cramming a project. I’m sleepless and just watching anime, reading books or playing games. It’s really stress free and I like the calm and quiet of the dead of the night.



Sometimes I’d see a guy sitting on the spot, you know leaning on the wall ala greek lover folktale. It’s very calming, his presence. I know he’s my spirit guide I’ve just had too many confirmations of what I thought were imagined conversations but was actually TOO REAL for me to discount him as imagination anymore. There’d be times I’ll think I’m just talking to my imagination and I’ll see him touch my foot and my clairsenses would warm up in the same place and go like THERE’S A THING HOLDING YOU HERE IT’S THE MOST COMFORTING THING EVER. AFJHASF YEA I GET IT YOu’re there..

Now. I don’t want to glorify the concept of guides. I’ve also come through the hard lesson of them being not perfect and that you’re also the Prime Agent of your life so don’t project your shit on these interdimensional things. But yeah. Um. It’s easier to talk to him in this spot. To get advice to sort through problems. It’s so clear, and I really feel like I come back to my real home when I sleep there. I am more myself and I think it’s beautiful. Also, weirdly, it’s easy for me to be happy in this spot ??? Like batshit crazy grateful or laughing at myself. It’s just such a force of good for me I find myself both grateful and dumbfounded I have it in my room. (btw..it’s still there without all my symbols and crystals)



I can’t move the spot, I’ve tried. I mean it technically falls over my head if my bed were to be positioned normally but aura wise my crown and third eye feels really clean. I’m actually working on my yellow chakra, the manipura. I’ve recently moved around a bunch of furniture in my room just so that the spot would fall on my stomach. I’ve tried this but now I think I’ve found a room arrangement that would work on the long run. Now.

Tai chi, traditional chinese medicine and alchemy wise, the stomach is also a better battery point for you energy body. It’s a bigger cauldron to store chi in and it’s also a grounding point. Even enlightened masters from different (or no) traditions ask you to focus on this point if you’re too energized by a meditation. So far it’s working. My manipura feels bloody amazing. And my dreams aren’t as heady vivid ( I guess vivid = vision = 3rd eye) but they’re generally nothing-so-crazy.



This is for literally anyone who has odd, mystical, energetically wack sleep and sleeping spaces and I’m just here to say I feel you. I’ve had metaphysical hugs in bed, I’ve had the feeling of ants and lice crawling for days straight. I’ve had my leg jerk up during a meditation session just from all the releasing and ofcourse, all those signature crazy crazy dreams.

I’m just here to say that, phenomenally, they’re normal. We’re more than our bodies and our very damn limited minds. There is a lot of stuff that just need go in and out of our system that we just don’t need to comprehend. Just let go of the need to understand and it will actually GET. BETTER. If any other info helped on this article then damn well I’m happy for that.


If you’ve got your own stories , or questions, shoot an email or leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “I have an energy vortex/spot on my bed

  1. I’m so grateful I found your post somehow. The way you write about your experiences. I’m totally lost. My 3rd eye & crown hurt so much. a pressure building like a balloon. I desperately want a metaphorical pin to pop said balloon. I’m gonna give the antakarana a try. My sleep is terrible & I have to take ambien every night to fall asleep. Even then, my sleep quality is terrible. So exhausted from no sleep & dealing with the constant pain. I’m in despair as this pain has become my daily battle for 1.5yrs now… and if possible getting even more painful.

    Your post definitely helped me understand that I don’t need to understand. It would be awesome if I could continue on this spiritual journey in less pain. I’ll try to ask the energy not to hurt me so much. To pack up & leave me alone.


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