For energy channelers: don’t miss this

A warning to all channelers: Don’t drown out your own energetic signature!

So hi.

I guess you channel angels or something, or maybe your higher self. Maybe you have excellent access to guides, the upper pantheon reiki or some kind of divine order.

That’s well and great. I don’t doubt you for a second, I do that too.


One time I channeled seraph so hard, it was like my whole body/room was on fire and literally it was one of the most overwhelming -beyond-this realm thing that has happened in my life.

I get it.


But do you know what your own energy tastes like anymore ? The shape of you without the crystals the prayers the protections from beyond ?? Just you. You, the wholeness and perfection of-


Just you.


Like really sit with that. Close all the portals on the top of your head. Don’t welcome anything new and just keep clearing your space. Remove the junk from your personal energy. What’s left ?


Is it familiar to you ?


Your organic imprint ?


You see channelling is a lot like having a lot of super expensive turbo charged vacuum cleaners in your house. It sucks a lot of crap out. But if you put 500 vacuum cleaners in a 20 square meter room. How much free space do you really have anyway ? Do you really thank and wish the energies away, pack them in the metaphorical closet or are you using them as a crutch ? Scattering them around like decoration around the space that you have instead of seeing your room as it is.

Seeing you as you are.


It can be an escape mechanism okay ? I’m not discouraging you from this very wonderful act of a gorgeous vacuum cleaner of divine being available at your fingertips. It’s fricking radical, I KNOW. I KNOW.

But please, I beg you.

I literally, am kind of waving my hands at you, that these higher beings are working WITH you. YOU!




Who is that ? What’s the state of that you like ?? Where’s my being right now ??

Ever took note of that ? Where you are right now without all the energetic juggling. Where you are , as a personality, as an ego, as a weird experience of consciousness reading something on the internet.  How are you really ?? Honestly ??

Have you discovered the incredible being that is yourself ?


Have you met yourself ?

I’ve heard you’re great. Angels have worked with you.


But I have an idea. How about – for a full week, give it a break. If you ever feel like channeling for a situation, or grabbing at some other worldy guidance write those questions down and see if they’re still relevant after a week.


Get in touch with YOU. YOU, what’s your opinion ? What’s your organic impulse ? your observations, revelations? What’s the ease and relaxation you can give yourself without outside help.

You’ll notice you have a different signature from the things you channel. If you’re at a level that you can distinguish spirits and what they “feel” like you should be able to gauge where the heart of your energetic signature is. Sit with that, poke around it, get to know it.


Your room. Your space, the shape by which you chose to exist in this incarnation. It’s pretty rad, unique. Like a starburst.

Don’t miss it.


There’s nothing like it in the whole universe.






your soul is welcome here

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