Programming your energetic body


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and a lot has happened. Been reflecting on what exactly I want to say when I publish on here and really putting forth what I deem to be the most important from the well of my experience. So here’s what’s coming up most for me:



Program your energetic body, or someone else will do it for you.

It sounds ominous I know but nothing has been truer in my experience. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions are steeped, weaved into the very air we move in. Literally everything we interact with has it’s own energetic signature, memory and pulse.

I know that not everyone is clairsentient – being sensitive to energy through bodily sensations. But this is not a truance for me. Some cute metaphor. I VISCERALLY, feel this to be true. The air in buildings/places can be stuffy, weighted, free, comfortable, clean, plastic, brooding, emotional, clouded, loud, confused and all that you can imagine within your experience.

Places and things remember what happened.




And you’re literally a sponge.

I feel my own energetic body, “aura” or whatever you want to call it. I see/feel other people’s clouds of thoughts and emotions. I see these things permeate to and from each other. I feel someone glow, stutter and shatter in reaction to things. I feel their underlying beliefs of their own worth. People who have crap self-esteem – well I feel the weight of hateful things they carry as glorified baggage.

We’re so… malleable. I’ve witnessed this.

The moment you dislodge an unhelpful belief system from someone who’s suffering, their space loosens up. They quite literally, have room to breathe, and exist. They loosen up, their life force radiates easier. If my writing could every literally help anyone: let it be this. Know that thoughts, feelings and emotions are physical things. They’re literally in the firmament of your being. They’re literally coded and shrouded around you, organizing your experience. All the time 24/7.






Ever had bad neighbors who were loud and threw trash everywhere?

Viruses in your computer eating at all your files?

Ate something rotten that made you want to vomit?

THIS. THIS is how real and physical your mental emotional body is to your life force. It literally either nourishes and supports you or you’re frankly killing yourself. Let’s not even argue if your mental emotional body exists. What you might be is not aware/ not the master of your own thoughts and feelings. It’s like having a really cool  advanced smartphone but you don’t know how to make it shut up. There’s really loud alarms all the time?? And there’s a lot of malware on it.




So why do you keep doing it?

Why do you entertain such horrible programs?


Because you think they’re real.




Short answer: They’re not.

I want you to figure out that part on your own. Think about it this way, if it’s killing or choking you it can’t be part of you. So why the hell do you keep it in your space? Why would you keep a thought or a belief that is essentially :

— not yours —


— not you —





Please let that simmer and grapple with that idea for at least a good 30 minutes. I’m serious. Stop right now and deal with that question. If you’re in here to “reprogram yourself” you need to have an honest to god good answer and awareness of the unreality of foreign programs. Of shitty programs. You need to see the light of day and acknowledge you’ve been carrying some shitty baggage, and you need to know in your gut. -Realize.


That they’re not real.



You see them? You have a whole novella, TED talk and dissertation paper on all your neurosis, weaknesses and unfounded fears? You see your demons? You see all your fundamental belief systems that continously hurt you —

and more importantly- you see them as other than yourself ?




You do?



Good, great. What now?

What do you think?





Eject button


Just throw it the f*ck away.

I’ve had several meditations and visualization exercises in this blog. Heck you can even google how to clear your own aura and have a 12,000 creative steps guide on how to do it. Ritual, spell hooplah, juiced up cord cutting and karma dropping or what not.


My question:

Did you actually do it?

Did you feel energetically spacious, at peace, calm, quiet?

Or are you going around entertaining yourself in self-improvement sites and dabbling at this “programing my own energetic body” because it sounds vaguely occult and interesting.

Well guess what, interested doesn’t cut it. You don’t even need to know too much technique. You don’t need all the singing bowls, and the tree ceremonies and the goddamn sage. You know what energy follows ?






Unflinching focus

A level of abandon that says: I’d rather die than not get this right, I will move heaven and earth to make this true. There is no plan B, this or death. This is my body so–





So yeah strangle that foreign program and throw it light years away. Do what you need to do. Cause guess what, you already know how to do this. You’re literally life force. You literally have built-in mechanisms that cleans and clears itself. Use it.

This is not special talent, for magical new age people.

YOU CAN. ASK. DEMAND. bad programs to stay the hell away from you. You are the utmost and highest authority of your own energy so you are the most qualified to do this. Your voice and focus will be the most resonant when you weave yourself new programs, thoughts and feelings, so don’t ask other people to do it for you. To coddle you on how to keep your space clean, and guide you through it. Brush your own teeth. You are not a child.

Get your space cleared and as clean as humanly possible.

Did you do it just now? You need to apply these things you know and not read them.



Really clean now?




Okay. Stop here.



And the clearness you feel right now, double it. Raise it to the power of two.


Feel deeper parts of you, trash and unhealthy toxins just eject two fold.


Really feel it be twice as strong.






Do that raised to 200.





Count up to 10,000.




You know this is like lifting weights so you’ve got to challenge yourself with some progression here. Think that you’re clear really ??


Multiply that? Get into the very marrow, and feel the very DNA of yourself vomit all that crappy shit you’ve been entertaining.




Hold this for 24/7 for about a week.

Be more clear within your energy as each day passes.

Do two weeks and have that unwavering commitment to reveal yourself. Don’t chicken out. Be viscerally clean and whole for the most part of your day, and when this is effortless and automatic for you ONLY THEN.




Can we play with making some programming.



I’ll be honest, let’s shift gears for a second:

There was a time when I was undergoing some deep ass rounds of energetic body clearing that suddenly everything that I could ever dream of wish and desire would suddenly come true. Miraculously fall on my lap. It’s as if all the energies that I had that used to be sapped by useless worthless thought parasites now actually went to things that helped me. That I would enjoy. That support me for what I naturally am.

What’s crazy was I was actually running out of things to consciously want.




Instead, I had so many subconscious desires that were suddenly met. Things that, oh I never thought I needed this but now that it’s in my experience, I see how much I actually needed this. That I never thought I would need this but I did.

Don’t get me wrong, circumstances, could still get crazy inconvenient. Bad, shitty.

But I was so grounded in the reality of my own clear energy that I could handle shitty situations better. Or the solution would just surface up cleanly because I wasn’t panicking and throwing a ruckus about it. Everything, was simpler.

And then.





I wanted to dance with it.

I wanted to make something with all this energy that I had.

I literally had deeper sleep and a bigger spring to my step – I’m excited to create.

I had room to create.



I’m riveted to weave my own cloak, my own programs that would support me in doing this or that. Because this vehicle, this physical mental and emotional body. It’s cool apparatus. Why don’t we pimp your ride? Why don’t we take it on a spin, see where she goes? Let’s play, shall we?


And I think.


That’s the spirit of programming I want to impart with you.

This is not nifty self-hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming ritual for you to reprogram your body. Those are really wonderful techniques. But again, you don’t really need much technique. It’s already YOUR body.

You are the infinite tap of wisdom and authority to know how the hell to do it. And you will naturally do it once you give yourself the space to breathe.




You can get ideas from others, sure.

But we’re all wired different.

And this is about YOU.

YOU, how to live, breathe, play and love your own being.





Program yourself, in YOUR OWN WAY.

Chant to the ocean, sing with the radio. There are a million infinite ways to bow down and pray. All methods are valid, your truth is yours.


This will be a sure no brainer, especially if you did all the clearing. You will feel viscerally compelled to create with that much space to be in and you wouldn’t need a guide on how to do it. You’d just be riding your ride.


Let me know how yours goes,







your soul is welcome here

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