Prescribing complementary healing methods

Reiki can help with a lot of things.

But have you ever had a client that asked these questions:

Will reiki heal of my blocks for abundance?

Will reiki get me my soulmate? My twin flame?

Will reiki make me successful? Can it finally make me fulfilled?

Will reiki fix my depression? My Anxiety?

All of those things have an energetic element and reiki can help with that. But each of those questions are admittedly loaded.

Loaded with what? Try answering this simple question before reading on. Those questions are loaded with what assumptions?


Do you have your answers already? Here’s mine:

1) The assumption that the reiki practitioner does all the healing.

2) The assumption that the power to transform the client’s life is OUTSIDE of themselves.

3) The client shirking away their personal responsibility and projecting all problem solving roles to this magical reiki practitioner and wanting to be saved.

And this is so hard to correct, especially when most reiki channelling is done in such a receiving non-participatory mode. The client relaxes and receives energy that does make them feel lighter without much effort or bravery. They allow. Which is great!

But what if they’re facing huge fundamental blocks with their psyche?

Being honest and real with the ugly truths of their situation around money, relationships, or health? What now?


May I suggest something?

1. Tell them that the answers to those questions are upto them and it’s their decision how fast the want to heal or not. Remind them of their agency, that their life is truly in their hands, if they claim it.

2. And just so they could grasp at something:

Recommend them a complimentary healing method (or ask spirit to help you recommend one to your client). Admit your limitations! Not everyone has all the expertise, but you could use common sense.

  • If the client has a sports injury, it’s not so wild to recommend them to go to a sports therapist
  • If the client is suicidal, refer them to a suicide hotline
  • If the client wants financial, romantic, career advice – reflect the question back to them: who would be your dream coach about this? Who historically guided you on growth in this area that you would like to model?
  • Or alternatively recommend a book on the topic, that’s from a competent expert in that field.
  • Be honest! Say if you don’t think you know the answer and you can’t channel an answer. That’s the wonderful part of being part of such a varied human experience. We help each other out, and sometimes you as reiki practitioner is only part of a bigger solution.
  • !! Sometimes the problems don’t even have an overtly spiritual solution or even root. It’s just straightforward: You need to save more money each month. Drink more water. Time will heal. All cliche sounding, I know but sometimes that is the answer.

All of these actions can be supportive of reiki in the healing process. There’s no one way of healing, and being open to this idea can help integrate reiki into other healing modalities, as well as encourage reiki practitioners to gain competencies in complementary healing techniques. (Eg. counseling, acupuncture, meditation teachers)

Advice them to do this alongside receiving reiki and have them really engage in the process. Let them believe in you, but most importantly believe in themselves.

Do other reiki practitioners have other advice in helping a client be more engaged in their own healing? If so, sound off in the comments.

’Til next time,


your soul is welcome here

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