Take an axe to the Prison Wall

Maybe all of this would all be easier if all the toxic parts of you walked around in your room, and you can shoot her like the fucked up bitch that she is. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not encouraging you to disassociate or to split up your personality.

What I mean is, for you to fully realize that all that fucked up shit was never you in the first place. Could never touch the wholeness of You. And you would easily kill it in the dead on the night like an unwelcome insect, vampire or parasite.


Put in another context, it’s like we’ve never really read a dystopian novel. We laud these shows like black mirror, share animated shorts about the drudgery of modern day society talk about how it’s so scary, it’s so real how mindless we’ve become so grotesque —

But did you really let that ever sink in? Sink in far enough that it truly disturbed you?


Let me tell you something.

According to the revolutionaries who freed black people from slavery – the single hardest part of freeing black people was convincing them that they were slaves in first place. They refused to accept it. They saw, felt and experienced their life and said that’s just the way it is. This is how life is supposed to work.

They’ve had inklings, hunches, myths. Of how maybe this is not all there is to life? But they quickly squashed it down for the safety of Not being labeled as a Revolutionary. A Devil. A Mad Man. Let me ask you.

If you were in their position, and if that was all the you knew; Would you wake up to the truth? Would you have the courage to run out to the fences and claim your own freedom?


We fool ourselves thinking that we have no wars. We say we live in the paramount of material excesses and comfort, and say shit like you should be thankful. But are you truly free? Can you 100% for the very fiber of your being tell me the truth that you are alive?

It’s because you’re either alive or your dead it sounds rudimentary but .

It’s either you’re alive or you’re dead.


Which one are you?

Mr. I can’t feel anything anymore, I hate my life, what’s the point of all of this I don’t know what I want. Yeah. A lot of walking corpses we have here. A lot of tired beyond compare, a lot of lost sheep. Slaves who don’t think they’re slaves.

Who have you sold yourself to? And are you willing to take yourself back?


People have tried to sell you momentary comfort. 3 tips for inner peace and well-being, or 5 rituals for self-care. All surface level, uncommitted, distractions. Elaborate entertainment to delude ourselves.

To Reclaim that totality of yourself, isn’t exactly easy. That word is supremely lacking. It’s fundamental, it’s the very essence of our experience. To reclaim and reveal, to experience creating ourselves, our life as our own… You will get blowback. You will unravel and disturb karma, structure and preconceptions. You will rock that little slave house, you will lose everything that is familiar by being who you were in the first place and it can get fucking nasty.

It ain’t easy nor hard, it’s only You.


Because at one point, and I swear by this. You will be tired of running in circles.


We live in a world that is poor of realized beings. Of people who honor their unique qualities, their true desires, who have done the labor of knowing accepting integrating and acknowledging the self and have come into their own Glory. This is the only thing of true worth and the only lasting contribution that can exist. If you have ever witnessed anyone with fire, magic, truth and whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean when I say the only appropriate response left with this granedeur is to be awestruck or to burst out crying. It is Beyond. It’s the only thing worth having.


The entirety of You.

The mantra “I am” will start to make some fucking sense.


If you can feel the urgency, see how mortal and limited this all is. You would properly honor this one single thing that you truly own and that is yourself. And the most fucked up part of it is that you are never lacking in teachers. In inspiration, in inner knowing. Once you taste truth you will find it everywhere. It’s like floodgates will be opened, you will find all the answers now that you know you were always deserving of it. Life will come up to meet you. Because there is no Time left and you understand what must be done. How you must live. How you must liberate yourself.

I’m not selling you candy, or a relaxing sugar coated treat.


I’m only telling you this: You will be free.









your soul is welcome here

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